MMA CM Punk Signs with UFC

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  1. Throughout the UFC 181 preliminary card, the UFC teased a huge announcement during the pay-per-view portion of the show.
    CM Punk joined Joe Rogan during the broadcast and announced that he had signed a contract with UFC.

    "I have a limited window like all fighters do, and I'm here for a fight," Punk said. "This is my new career, 100%," Punk told Rogan in the interview. He mentioned that he'd signed a multi-fight deal.

    "I have respect for everyone who fights in the UFC, and by the time I'm done, they'll respect me," Punk said. He said that he'll likely be competing at middleweight or welterweight, but light heavyweight is completely out of the question.

    Punk recently spoke out on his exit from WWE and noted that the company wanted him to sign a no-compete clause which included the UFC.

    UFC President Dana White said this week that he hoped to talk to CM Punk. White said that if Punk were to join the UFC, he'd face someone with a record comparable to his, which is 0-0.

    Punk was also seen training today with Rener Gracie, Roy Nelson and "King" Mo Lawal.


  2. It's gonna be a much different story without predetermined outcomes buddy. I'll watch just to enjoy the inevitable ass whipping he'll receive.
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  3. I'm 99.9% sure he'll be scared back to the WWE in 2 fights in.
  4. Lol i can't wait
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  5. This is the same guy crying bout ryback being too rough last week
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  6. Holy Sh*t

    C.M. Punk in UFC cool (note to punk "take brook and Paul back with ya")
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  7. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt.... :urm:
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  8. 1 mill buys guaranteed
  9. Won't he make in one fight what he would in wwe in like 5 years. Hate to say it but he's fucking smart
  10. It was guarenteed he'll try to do something else but I totally knew he wasnt done with actio0n yet,, personally, he should fight Jason David Frank as his first fight but we'll see how he does.
  11. Punk is trained in numerous different fighting techniques. He's no pussy.

    I'm glad to see he's following his dream, Hopefully he does well though.

    "And WWE can't even be considered a martial art... Awkward!" Haha
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  12. Dude, Punk comes off as a pussy.
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  13. My money is on the green ranger. It's morphin time
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    Damn, I was just about to post this thread. Ya beat me to it, Kev!

    Anyways... I don't think there's much of a chance of him being successful in the UFC. Just because Brock made it big time doesn't mean every other pro-wrestler could. But we'll see...

    I wouldn't be surprised if he went back to the WWE after he gets an ass whooping of a lifetime.
    But oh well... If this is what he really wants, then alright, I wish him all the best in his new career.
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  15. UFC is a joke anyway, it fits Punk perfectly.
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  16. Nice publicity stunt to get more buys, Punk has no chance in hell.
  17. Yeah, as that song goes... 'cause you've got... No chance... No chance in hell. :heenan:
  18. I have to say though, MMA fans are even more annoying then wrestling fans.
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  19. Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if Punk pulled out the win and then they'd be like 'It's all a work'
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  20. I'll lol if he loses his first fight.
    By nearly 10 hours. :cole:
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