CM Punk spotted at London pub

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  1. As first revealed on WWE's Breaking News mobile alert service, WWE Champion CM Punk has reportedly been spotted in a London pub, just hours before Raw SuperShow emanates from London's O2 Arena as part of WWE's tour of Europe, which includes tonight's edition of Raw in the United Kingdom.

    Exclusive video of The Straight Edge Superstar at an unlikely London bar location is expected this evening on Raw SuperShow. What will the footage show? What does this mean for CM Punk's longtime pledge against alcohol? How might this news affect the main event of Raw, featuring the WWE Champion against Mark Henry in a No Count-Out, No Disqualification Match for the title?


  2. CM Drunk. Jericho converted him.
  3. Jericho truly is the best in the world at everything he does.
  4. I'm just going to do the spoiler either way. Click it if you want.

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    In the show Jericho confronts him about it and Punk says he went to go eat fish and chips with some friends.
  5. Bullshit excuse imo, lol. Lot's of other places to get some fries.. :laugh:
  6. IKR they should've created an actual excuse or Punk should've just told the truth #Nomorestraightedge?
  7. He never, ever looked like a straight edge guy to me tbh.

  8. CM Punk is in the closet.
  9. LOL. Tbh, I really would like to be him in that pic.
  10. I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict how this will evolve.

    Jerichos continuous assaults have driven Punk to the edge of breaking down. He starts drinking (in story of course) He then finds his motivation and edge yet again after a week or two and gets rid of Jericho around when Jericho is scheduled to go on tour with Fozzy. This closes the feud and makes punk stronger then ever. Renewing his Straight Edge pledge. This leaves him open for a summer feud with Johnny and one of his stooges.
  11. Sounds cool, but I think Punk won't let his character do that.
  12. So just because he's Straight Edge he basically can't be inside a pub? Seriously, eat a poisonous mushroom and laugh at yourselves.
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  13. Don't lash out at us because your hero is a fraud/alcoholic.
  14. Show Spoiler

    In the show Jericho confronts him about it and Punk says he went to go eat fish and chips with some friends.

  15. Who's said that? Not looking at spoilers so if it's something to do with the show ignore me.
  16. Yes it has to do with the show, and why he went in there.
  17. [​IMG]

    Dude, seriously?

    Why would you go to a pub to eat fries?
  18. CM Drunk is a disappointment to all of his fans. Think of the children mate!
  19. He's been Straight Edge ever since his teenage years and you're telling me that he took his "first" beer to break that in London, UK or because of a storyline? You and whoever believes it, are seriously stoned.

    Many "Straight-Edgers" are spotted at pubs but that doesn't mean they're drinking does it? Stupidity at its best.
  20. Dude, where did you fell off? I never said he had a beer. Please quote the part where I said that. Idgaf if he does drink one or not. I don't care. His life, his choices to choose.
    Why are you coming at me for no reason whatsoever?
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