CM Punk: Steven Austin bigger than Hogan by a landslide.

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    The full interview on that site is an interesting read actually.
  2. Steve Austin is the best.
  3. My all-time favourite. I'm bias because I actually despise Hogan.
  4. I understand Punk is entitled to his opinion and this is kinda keyfabe but if it wasn't for Hogan in the 80's wrestling we aren't on this forum basically plus if it wasn't for Hogans heel turn Austin would still be the ringmaster as Vince wouldn't have been forced to go attitude. Finally Austin drew for 5 years maximum Hogan drew huge from 1984 till 1997. I dislike Hogan but to say there is a large void between the two in starpower is idiotic.
  5. Pretty much sums it up there seabs. I wish Hogan was more humble about it though, you don't see Austin in every single interview go on about how much he drew. How his moments dominate the "Best moments of all time" segments WWE have. Even Rock is humble. Every time I hear Hogan speak he's on about how he's the best wrestler ever, he's the guy who put it on the map, he's this he's that. You get fed up in the end, lol. Fair play to him, he was a huge huge star, but I wouldn't see him as many people's favourite of all time now because of who he is out of wrestling.
  6. No one said Hogan is not good.
    Stone Cold Steve Austin is just better :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. . Steve Austin, the biggest star in the wrestling business, period. Bigger than Hulk Hogan by a landslide

    Thats what I was getting at lol. I agree talent wise Austin blows Hogan out of the water but in terms of being a star Hogan takes it imo.
  8. Difficult, impossible to properly judge but I'd agree saying Hogan probably edges this one. Modern day though, I bet more wrestling fans would prefer Austin.
  9. Hogan still seems relevant in pop culture with Apperances on american idol and what not were as Austin doesn't seem to do much of that. Plus Hulk has a a game based up on his name. It could be him just whoring his name out but their is some relevance there were as Austin doesn't seem to do much of that.
  10. I think it's because Austin doesn't want to. He's never been the media darling, the guy you saw on TV is him. He is a Texas born beer drinking son of a bitch :emoji_wink:. He goes out to UFC matches and all that. He's a passionate WWE ex-superstar and fan. I mean look at it this way, when Hogan was running TNA (Dunno if he still is), instead of continuing to promote it, he signs a contract with WWE for a large sum so he can be in there WWE Legends game or w.e it was that they brought out. That's Hogan right there (my opinion).
  11. Austin broke ALL records.
    End of. :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. Yeah because Wrestlemania 3 which still holds the biggest attendance record I believe was headlined by Austin vs Andre wasn't it? I'm not too sure but I think it outsold any arena Austin was in lol.
  13. Not sure on that, I know last years was the 2nd most sold wrestlemania of all time so you're probably right.