CM Punk Tells Fan On Twitter To Kill Himself

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, May 7, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Lol. :pity:
  2. I love Punk.

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  3. CM Punk wasting his entire day arguing with ignorant homophobes. Cool story
  4. It beats what I've done today.

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  5. I think CM Punk is going to far now
  6. He does this all the time. He tells idiots to drink bleach and run into traffic. He's a boss on twitter.
  7. Twitter baus
  8. Looks like CM Punk is a Walking Dead fan. :awyeah:
  9. What a boss.
  10. That Punk smiley fits this thread way too well.
  11. :true:
  12. Doesn't this infringe upon WWE's anti-bullying campaign just a little bit?
  13. Implying Punk cares. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    I like this about Punk, he's real.
  14. WWE can only do so much to control their talent. They can't filter what they say or do. Punk wasn't bullying the guy, the guy was bullying gay people.
  15. CM Punk marks are funny. If someone like The Miz said that they'd be up his arse complaining. You cannot tell one to go kill himself, that's just wrong. It doesn't matter who you are, whether you love him or hate him. There's a fine line between a joke and taking it over the top.
  16. Personally, it wouldn't matter if it was Miz, Sheamus or even Big Show - yes I know, the latter 2 would never show that much personality - still though, the original comments made were disgusting and Punk wasn't being literal, he doesn't actually expect the guy to go and kill himself.
  17. Re: RE: CM Punk Tells Fan On Twitter To Kill Himself

    No.... it was obviously a sarcastic reply in keeping with most of Punks. When people use extreme hyperbole it is commonly seen as to be not taken in a literal sense, in the same vein as the infamous you have a vagina comment.

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  18. Alright gents.
  19. I'm not condoning the content, I just have no issue with it considering what the other guy said. It's more I'm impressed by his lack of care for the WWE mold. That's why many of the "internet" are attached to Punk. He is more similar to the Austin character than anyone else I've seen.

    If Miz said this, I'd mark even harder.
  20. I just told Punk that he's a crybaby.

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    Punk has the balls to say things which nobody else has the balls to say.

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