WrestleMania CM Punk Tells Smart Marks “F**k You”

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by McLovin, Apr 5, 2013.

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    10:40 :lol1:
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  2. I think it was a direct message to you @deth :dawg:
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  3. :cole:

  4. What 'smark marks' were saying that segment was 'too edgy'

    that interviewer is a half wit retard
  5. That dude just got :pipebomb: ed!
  6. PCarachovsky (apologises in advance I don't remember the username fully) had a major issue with it. I'm guessing you'll say lol I said smart but yeah a few on here have had an issue with it.
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  7. Weird i was thinking about the exact same guy :obama:

  8. Lol at Punk calling himself a punk ass bitch :cole:
  9. When the fuck was that ?? :dafuq:
  10. A few Raws back. :obama:
  11. how come i didn't see that :mad2:
  12. Holy fuck at Henry's speech, was he almost crying?
  13. Lol at everyone coming out in suits, and then Punk comes out with Jeans, Hoodie, and Antonio Cesaro's t-shirt on.
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  14. because you're a punk ass bitch
  15. :neymar2: but seriously i watched nearly every raw and i missed this :damnn:
  16. Probably explains why WWE never really pushed him as top dog. :hmm:
    I'm guessing they wouldn't want him representing the company, which makes sense... and this coming from someone who looks and smells like a hobo.
  17. :pity:
  18. Doubt his dress sense has anything to do with his push, lol. He was the champion for over a year and was never a suit-wearing "company guy".
  19. Hmtrue :damnn:
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