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  1. So, I purchased the Cm Punk : The best in the world DVD from amazon the other day, it arrived a day later and I've got to say it's a very, very good DVD. Very impressed with it from his life story side to his early days with colt cobana to the WWE. It had me hooked all the way through and I highly recommend it to any of you guys !

    If your a CM PUNK fan or not :pity:

    5 Stars *****
  2. I did watch it like a month ago, and I gotta say it's the best wrestling DVD I've ever watched:pity:

    Definitely 5 stars ***** :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  3. Although I don't like him, I'm interested for sure.
  4. Best wrestling DVD for The Best in the World :pity::smug:


    I'd highly recommend it !
  5. WWE made a DVD for Daniel Bryan? :goatface:
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  6. I'm ordering the special edition with your own create a goat face !! :otunga:
  7. It's a fantastic DVD. 5*
  8. Glad you agree Crayo :otunga:

    Even a bigger fan of CM Punk now because of some of the things on that DVD.
    Saying that, I'm an even bigger fan of Paul Heyman now after watching !
  9. Yeah I was pleased with how much Heyman was in it. Was educational to listen to how much influence he has had on CM Punk's career.
  10. THIS^
  11. I completely loved the video. It definitely made me have more respect for the dude.
  12. May add this to my wishlist fro x-mass thanks for the reviews and info guys. Heyman is it in as well I'm in.
  13. Ive seen it to and its awesome it really shows where he came to where he is today
  14. Just noticed its £20 will wait on that way never spend that much on a DVD
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