CM PUNK - The respect gimmick/angle

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM CRUNK, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. So with all due respect, the respect gimmick has nearly run it's course I believe, so this raises 2 question I want to ask;
    1- What new gimmick would you guys like to see ?

    2 - And if he continues to be champion as I expect :smug: should the respect gimmick be kept ?

  2. yes then vs taker at wm then drop it afterwards
  3. At the moment he has no gimmick. It's like he's a free-agent heel against Rocky now, he just has a vendetta against the company and the crowd, and is pissed off at Rock, that's how it should be. He now has complete freedom, and look, what a coincidence - when he has freedom he cuts one of the best promos we have seen in a while.

    The bigger question is what gimmick does he turn to AFTER his feud with The Rock?
  4. Indeed :pity:

    Depends If he retains the title ???
    ( If Rock wins I'm done :sad: )

  5. Agree.
    The CM Punk I saw at Raw last Monday is The CM Punk we all fell in love with a year ago, his character lost a lot during his face run and the Heel "Respect" Gimmick, but now he is back.

    The CM Punk of 2011 MITB, and this can only be good for his feud with The Rock.
  6. It's definitely not a bad thing if Rock wins. I'm a Punk fan but Rock winning won't really bother me at all I don't think. Though it does show us how weak the current WWE roster is, when your #1 heel has held the title for over a year, normally you put your new super face against him and have him finally knock off the heel creating a mega star. WWE need to rely on the past to create buzz in the present, that's not good.

    But as for Rock winning, we are guaranteed weekly entertainment with him as champion as he won't accept no bullshit and WWE try harder when he is around. Plus, he won't have it for long and it's quite unpredictable quite what's going to happen with it.
  7. Seriously I agree with everything you say, the only thing that bothers me is that they can bring Rock back and have him in a title match from the off.
    How long till he leaves again ?
    Cause it will happen !
    But I suppose you could go back to that fact off the lack of talent on the main roster :pity:

  8. He's signed on until Extreme Rules I think so that would equal five months.
  9. See :pity:

  10. You act as if five months is a short time. Five months is a long time which will give Rock a nice reign and offer him time to feud with both veterans and currents.
  11. From both kayfabe and non-kayfabe it can be annoying that someone outside the company comes in and takes the belt (or has a shot to anyway), but it's The Rock. He is a strong candidate for the greatest of all time accolade, he is guaranteed entertainment, he's a huge draw, he will make WWE money and give them spotlight - something Vince has wet dreams about.

    He is booked for most RAW's now, the Rumble, the Elimination Chamber and Wrestlemania (I read somewhere that he is booked at ER but not sure), so we have lots of Rock time for his inevitable reign. If superstars in the back don't like his opportunities then they can shut up and work harder to get to Rock's level, too many of them just collect their pay cheque and leave. Punk may have his haters but he grabbed Vince by the balls and said give me a fucking chance, and Vince gave him more than that. More superstars need to follow suit.

    For those fans who hate it, I say why would you hate guaranteed weekly entertainment? As I said earlier, WWE try so much harder with Rock around as they know a LOT more people are going to be watching - and Rock has a rather edgy reputation regardless - so we can expect good TV, how often can we say that about RAW now'adays? Lol.
  12. Glad I've heard this, as long as he's booked and we get plenty Rock time. And he's used creatively, I'll be a happy lil wwe fan :otunga:

  13. Yeah, I believe his main angle will change during his feud with Rock, or at least it should, after the way he was put over by him. Not really sure where it's going. Maybe he'll shoot some more.
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