CM Punk/The Rock – a comparison

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Laura, Jan 1, 2013.

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  1. This isn’t about their match at RR exactly, it’s more about them as superstars. I think most would agree they’re both a little overrated, but objectively speaking, who’s better overall? I was wondering about people’s views on this. Here’s what I think:

    Ring Skills: CM Punk > The Rock

    I think this one’s fairly indisputable. CM Punk isn’t the BITW technically, but he’s far above average, and certainly better than The Rock. The Rock oversells and his repertoire is mostly headlocks and fluff. I mean, People’s Elbow? Lame. Sharpshooter? Please.

    Also, I think CM Punk doesn’t get enough credit for his ring-psychology or choreography or whatever it’s called. CM Punk simply creates better matches and crafts better spots than anyone else. Like HBK or Y2J, he’s an expert at carrying his opponent and making them look good. Technically, his ring-skills will never be on the level of someone like Daniel Bryan, but he makes up for that by just being a great performer.

    Mic Skills: CM Punk > The Rock

    This one might be arguable, but it’s hard to do an honest comparison while Punk is PG and The Rock isn’t. Pound for pound, I think Punk has the edge. The Rock has great delivery, but his promos are mostly canned catch phrases and the novelty factor of words like ‘ass’ or ‘bitch.’ Punk does brilliantly with his PG material, and he has far more range than The Rock. He’s even entertaining in his current heel persona where he does nothing but demand respect and insult the town.

    Kayfabe: The Rock > CM Punk

    This one’s obvious. CM Punk has only peaked recently, whereas The Rock has already had a whole career. Few superstars will ever match The Rock’s kayfabe accomplishments unless they get turned into another Cena. Maybe in a few years CM Punk will overtake The Rock, but I doubt WWE will let him win a Rumble, headline multiple Wrestlemania’s, consistently main event for years, feud with legends like Stone Cold, Hogan, ect.

    Preference: CM Punk > The Rock

    Obviously, I’m a Punk mark. He’s not the best in the world, but his ring talents combined with his work ethic and personal story make him the one of the most fascinating and worth watching, IMO.

    Anyway, that’s what I think. You guys?
  2. Ring Skills: CM Punk - Can't deny that

    Mic Skills: This is a hard one, but I'm going with The Rock.

    Preference: CM Punk, only because I prefer the old Rock.
  3. The Rock and it's not even close for me. He just has the aura of a mega star much more so than Punk. He was also quite underrated in the ring, as he had plenty of good/great matches with all different kinds of people. Punk is also slightly overrated on the mic and isn't a master of put downs or holding the crowd in the palm of his hand like the way Rock is.
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  4. In 2012

    Punk could wrestle 5 minutes without needing an oxygen tank so he wins this one although Rock cut better promos when he was there, his ones with Cena were enjoyable when he was serious . I'd rather watch Punk than this incarnation of Rock, 99/00 Rock is better than both.
  5. who do you think is better at playing a heel
  6. The Rock hands down.
  7. I'm a bigger Punk fan, and currently I'll have to give it to Punk as he can go for more than 5 minutes and his promos have entertained me more than Rock's, again, currently.
  8. '' He’s even entertaining in his current heel persona where he does nothing but demand respect and insult the town''

    Lol no he's not. Shit's stale as fuck.
  9. Punk is good and all, and one of the better guys we've seen in the "PG era" but I really don't understand the fanboyism surrounding the guy.
  10. Yeah, funny how people say Rock is almost nothing but catchphrase but Punk gave the same promo for the majority of 2012. Either whining about his lack of respect or bragging about how he was the best in the world and had a record breaking title reign that no one can end.
  11. Maybe I was exagerating a little. What I meant was that he's still more entertaining than Sheamus, Cena, Show, the rest of the roster. Stale, yes, it's not as painful as it would be with anyone else behind the mic.
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  12. It's a tough call.

    As a teen I would have defo voted Rock now as an adult I'm more for Punk.

    Agree with the comparisons Punk in ring is better unsure about mic skills as it's close.

    Overall entertainer for me though is Punk.

    I do agree though he is stale at the min. But I remember times when Rock bored me also so there we go.

    PUNK get's my vote.
  13. Disagree. He constantly makes me giggle during his promos with Heyman.
  14. I admitted that The Rock is better kayfabe-wise, but what I'm talking about is actual SKILL. If the The Rock and Punk were each given a crappy script, Punk would deliver it better, IMO.
  15. True, although I will agree that his material is getting a tad stale he can still entertain me in his promos so no complaints from me there.
  16. It's a really tough call. During the late 90's and early 2000's, when I first started watching, The Rock was surely the most entertaining but i'd never say he was the best wrestler, or even debate that. You had HBK, Benoit, Malenko and several others. This honestly pains me to say this but overall CM Punk.
  17. Exactly - repetitive material delivered brilliantly.
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  18. I actually think it's the opposite. I think if they are both handed a shit promo, Rock would deliver it better. But I think head to head with no restrictions Punk might actually come out with the win, he's very witty and has no problems going below the belt.
  19. The Rock is better on the mic, like Kevin said, he holds the crowd in the palm of his hand. Punk makes a joke and it's more like "ha! good one!" The Rock says pretty much anything and it's "OMGGGGG :yay: "

    Punk is probably a better "shooter" though.
  20. In ring: Punk, I'll give him that.. Rocky doesn't oversell all the time, he's a pretty good seller. Also, Rock is more stable in the ring, where Punk can be sloppy at times.

    Mic Skills: Hmm.. No vote. Rock has had great promo's and can talk really well, but he uses too many catchphrases, etc.. Punk was good at times, but like Kevin said, he's been giving the same promo for a while now.. Respect, BITW, Champion, This many days, etc.. Same old shit, same old shit.

    Preferance: The Rock. Why? Dude's real. Phil Brooks isn't.
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