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Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM CRUNK, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. So, long shot in asking but anyone have any idea where you can find the script between CM Punk and The Rock for the promo they cut at the end of Raw the other night.

    I'm looking specifically for the bit CM Punk states he's gonna kick Rock's ass everytime he comes back :smug:

    Any help appreciated

  2. :vince:

    Any Idea ?
  3. Punk is gonna get a size fifteen showed up his cookie puss.
  4. Don't idolize people like 'Him' :vince:

    And Cookie Puss isn't even a word :upset:

  5. Don't idolize crackheads like Punk.
  6. The "I'll kick your ass" parts from Punk made me giggle at the time.
  7. Woah !! really, really, really ??

    I post a fun jibe and you call CM PUNK a crackhead.

    How about you don't idolize a steroid raging, tooth fairy, money over loyalty assface ?? :finger:

  8. Chill man, I am joking about. But Punk does look like one compared to the Brahma Bull. To be honest Punk looked like he didn't belong when next to Rock.
  9. try the cookieblog site
    and im sure is in youtube already
  10. LOLPunk. Overrated anti-muscular toilet washer wannabe.
  11. Looked, looked.
    Please don't say he doesn't deserve to be in that ring ? :pity:


    And to be fair I didn't ask people's opinion on CM Punk ? :angry:
  12. Well to be frank a lots of people out there on streets also don't ask me a lots of stuff, but I give them concussions anyway. For fucking free.
  13. :pity:
    Is that some sort of way of saying you attack random people on the street ?
  14. Exactly. I'm a sick, deranged person. Some even call me THAT BAD GUY TESTICLES. :O
  15. Not THAT BAD GUY :shock:
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