CM Punk To Retire In 2015?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lacky, Oct 15, 2012.

  2. Hmm I thought for sure his contract was a little longer than 2015. I could be wrong though haha.
  3. 3 more years of Punk? Suits me, thought he'd go sooner tbh.
  4. Lol this.
  5. He signed like a 7 year contract. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
    But when do contracts matter? :pity:
  6. Seems likely given the previous rumors, who knows.
  7. CM Punk is retiring in 2013 hes been saying hes retiring sooner than we think so he cant be retiring in 2015
  8. You also believe that Barbie is pretty.
  9. Would fit him.. Let's enjoy every bit of it.
  10. lol @ at a Kane fan saying that
  11. Kane at 45 is better than Punk :pity:
  12. You're right, crippled old man that shouts about being tag team champions > most hated heel in the company
  13. Crippled old man? really? He can get around just a well as the young talent. I agree his storylines are stupid, but that doesnt mean he isnt better. If I remember Punk was involved in a stupid storyline with Kane :pity: I think alot of people hate Punk because he's an overrated sack of shit
  14. Punk may be a bit overrated by some, but his ring work is superior to Kane's, and so are his mic skills, imo. Ignoring booking completely because that has nothing to do with talent, but Punk is faster, is great in match psychology, and his mic skills are one of the best in WWE.
  15. to each his own
  16. Punk will retire whenever he wants to retire.

    As a fan of his work, I will enjoy it as long as he's around. I just want him to be more like Edge than Ric Flair, because, once he retires, I don't want him to have to come back again and again because he's broke and needs the money. Now, if he did the SCSA thing and appeared occasionally, I would be okay with that.


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  17. 3 more years of CM Punk saying, "RESPECT." and "BEST IN THE WORLD." :pity:
  18. Yeah that seems to be enough time for Punk, by them someone else will be elevated to his spot. Not everyone can be :upset:
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