CM Punk to return, Says Del Rio

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  1. CM Punk, the former WWE champion, will reportedly return back to the WWE soon, said an industry insider.

    Punk has been away from the WWE for several months, and he has basically all but ruled out retirement.

    Alberto Del Rio, the Mexican professional wrestler, told Digital Spy that regarding CM Punk, “Yeah, of course. He’ll be back soon. I don’t know when, but he’ll back.”

    For his part, CM Punk has been tweeting what he’s been watching.

    “Sick of people telling me I don’t do anything. I just watched 40 hours of Game of Thrones,” he tweeted a few days ago, meaning he likely watched all four seasons of the popular HBO fantasy-drama.

    He later tweeted on Monday: “Due to insomnia I’ve seen 6 hours of nazis on the smithsonian channel and can recite an entire Jockey bra infomercial. #panzerschokolade.”

    There hasn’t been much clarity regarding the WWE-Punk situation.

    A few months ago, Mick Foley wrote on his Facebook page that Punk was in “considerable pain” while he was performing.

    Foley wrote: “Yes, the response to that funny photo of CM Punk on a milk carton was incredible. While I respect everybody’s opinion – as long as it is given in a respectful way, I have to disagree with those out there who find great fault in Punk’s simply walk away.”

    He added: “I am kind of like a ghost that drifts in and out of WWE, but in my past three years of drifting, I have never been to a WWE event where Punk was not in considerable pain. Ice packs, heating pads, and visits to the trainer were as much a part of his daily routine as eating. sleeping, and wrestling. Performing at that level, in that degree of pain was only possible when accompanied by the passion that turned an unlikely Indy kid into one of the greatest WWE superstars of his generation.”
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  2. I like how ADR says: "I don't know when, but he'll be back." This is basically what Stone Cold and a lot of the others have said: that, at some point, Punk will make a return to WWE. Still, if this is a legit report (#dirtsheets) and this is what ADR said, it does suggest that a return will happen sooner rather than later.

    I'm looking forward to him returning whenever it happens. If it doesn't happen and he's well and truly retired, that's alright with me, so long as it's his decision to walk away (I've always said I'd rather see a guy walk away from the business rather than be forced to quit due to injury...or worse).

    Until he does return, I'm merely going to watch and be entertained by what they do (and not be entertained by the stuff that doesn't entertain me). I've said it before and I'll say it again: I was a pro wrestling fan before CM Punk, I'm still a pro wrestling fan with or without CM Punk in the WWE (or any other televised promotion, for that matter), and I'll be a pro wrestling fan after CM Punk is completely done with pro wrestling.

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  3. He can't wrestle if he's pregnant.
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  4. CM Punk to return? YES, please! :emoji_slight_smile:

    Why the hell not?! TBH, I thought Cena wasn't going to be the WWE-WHC this year, but I was wrong and disappointed, obviously...

    So yeah, I'd like to think that he'll be back soon. I miss Punk. I hope I'm not wrong about this, even though he's currently 'retired'.

    It'd be so good if he returned at RR next year and won it. But we'll see what happens.
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  5. Punk is a wolf in sheeps clothing lad, the rooster boys who own WWE pushed him to pipe down the real fans who wanted Cena gone
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  6. And?

  7. punk is a false prophet
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  8. Wasn't aware Del Rio kept tabs on CM Punk like this :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
    Personally I think he'll be back at some point, although I don't think him being gone has downgraded the quality of the product, it still feels the same to me.
  9. CM Punk is dogshit.

    There goes the little bit of interest I have left in WWE. Oh look at the guy who is proud to be late to the Game of Thrones party! He probably is going back to WWE because the cubs committed suicide the other day and decided losing 100 games isnt a big deal.
  10. LAWL samardzija is the most over rated pitcher in the fucking league. Now they have 3 of the best prospects in all of baseball. What were they going do do with him? Hell of a deal 10/10 A's got ripped.
  11. he went 0-5 to start the season with an under 2 era. Houston would have been an upgrade for him.
  12. Have you seen his ERA since june? His career ERA is pretty comical too.
  13. I would gladly have taken him. He isn't an ace but is a great pull for a #3 starter.
  14. What?

  15. If he ever comes back, it's a rage burial waiting to happen :jesse:
  16. Now that AJ's back, I imagine his return will be in the near future. Hopefully he wrestles and performs better than he did prior to his latest departure since he was sloppy at times in the ring.
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  17. I'd be fine with Punk back if he wasn't the bland babyface he normally turns out to work as. If he stayed away I can't say I'll be upset though.
  18. It will be interesting to see what his new look will be like upon his return (if it does indeed happen)
    I can recall, on this very site, a discussion centered around CM Punk's ever changing and ever evolving look.
    I've not seen a mohawk from him yet (inb4 somebody gif/image googles), so that alone is thread worthy in this day and age
    Punk has great ring psychology and can get his character over fantastically. Love him or hate him, everybody shares an opinion.
    He should heal as best as possible considering he doesn't take pain killers (or so he says).

    On the other hand, he could easily arrange to become the part-timer he always despised to anyone who listened
  19. A very hypocritical thing to do if you ask me
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