CM Punk to start touring with the Smackdown brand

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. Due to Randy Orton’s suspension…

    According to, CM Punk will be removed from future Raw brand house shows and will start touring with the Smackdown brand.

    WWE feels that Orton is the top star on Smackdown, and with him out for an extended time, they felt as if the brand needed a boost for live events. Punk is on the current Raw brand tour of Spain, and with some combined shows next week, the change are scheduled to take place on June 23rd. On that date, Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio will be used as the Smackdown brand headliners, while Big Show and John Cena will headline Raw events.

    The change is said to be temporary and just something to get through the next 60 days or so. Punk is not being advertised for the Smackdown television tapings, where Cena and HHH are being pushed as the main stars in the local markets. The plans have been for Cena to only work dark matches and HHH to just do cameos

    Rey Mysterio, who would have been considered the #2 star behind Sheamus at this time, is not being advertised for any house shows in July at this point. Mysterio's 60-day suspension will be up in three weeks, and he had told management he was ready to return due to knee surgery.

    ^^^ I cant believe there doing this CM Punk is the WWE champion and should be on the Raw brand house shows why the fuck he is being moved to cover Smackdown brand house shows cos Randy Orton fucked up. That means there two champion on Smackdown house shows and no champion on Raw house shows. Also fans who bough tickets to Raw house shows to see CM Punk wont see him now which is unfair to them who bought tickets to see him. Seriously WWE need to sort these brand shows out as right now its a complete mess
  2. Fella should carry the brand, Orton doesn't really draw anyway.
  3. Not just Punk. Cena is ALSO doing house shows at SmackDown now. So he'll be doing RAW, then dark match on RAW, then dark matches on SmackDown.
  4. Stop overworking people, WWE.
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  6. Cena vs Show headling Raw?....I think I'm going to throw up.
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  7. So true.
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  8. Yeah there gonna overwork the top guys and then injuriess will happen and that leaves the whole main event scene fucked up. This is why we need new talent in the main event scene but no Vince just keeps over working the same guys
  9. I think this is a good thing. More chances to see better, longer tag mtches and up-and-comers getting time for the first couple weeks of 3 hour supershow. I'm pumped, but I think the story proves its going to be DB or Punk winning, not Kane.
  10. I'll fucking go to Randy Orton's house with a gun and put a bullet in his head if I miss Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk in a Submission match when they tour Australia because of this. Rather then throwing guys over from another brand why don't they actually push other stars into the main event? Give Ryback a few matches with guys like Del Rio, Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler to establish him in a main event sort of status. Have him destroy Khali, Make him beat the Funkasaurus and then have him say he's sick of everything being to easy and he want's a shot at the world title reign. Then you can have him feud with Sheamus or whoever the champion is at the time.

    I'm seriously sick of WWE just throwing talent around to fill someone elses shoe's and leave the other brand to have to get someone else to fill their shoes. It's fucking annoying.
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  11. Winner :win:
  12. @Crayo getting some usage out of the new smiley today.
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