CM Punk using Jerry's heart attack to get more heat

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 15, 2012.

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  1. I think CM Punk will use Jerry's heart attack to get more heat with his heel turn but I think this is wrong as Jerry could of died. I dont think its right to get more heat for your character by getting at someone whos had a real life trauma. If Phil has any sense he will say no to Vince and just carry on with doing whatever with Paul Heyman
  2. no he won't
  3. Firstly, with anything like this they will go to Jerry first. I highly doubt they'll mention it at all considering they've cut the Jerry scenes out from the RAW's that air later, but if they did, they would ask Jerry first. Michael Cole made jokes about Jerry's dead mother in their feud, some would say that's harsh but Jerry was okay with it. That's the main thing.
  4. you never know with WWE though. Part of me says they wont because they are trying to be careful while Linda's campaigning and because it would be messed up, but then I remember how they mocked JR's face and it reminds how hypocritical WWE is
  5. Doubt it, Lawler and Vince are friends, and this was a dramatic situation for everyone. If Lawler approves it then he might, in honesty I can see Lawler being okay with it though.
  6. Won't happen. Jerry and Vince are buddies.
  7. Not a chance. Too serious of a topic.
  8. No way in hell, he would use that to get heat. :ohgod:
  9. If it was JR who had the attack, sure i could believe it. Lawler? Hell no.
  10. This.
  12. I think it would be company suicide to get CM Punk heat by using Jerry's heart attack
  13. Nah, I don't think Vince is that sad unless Jerry approves of it.
  14. if punk does use it for heat cena won't like it and so will cole or no one so it would be a mistake to do it
  15. I would have to agree with everyone here and if and I am saying "IF"-Punk wants to stay on top and if he's been raised right-he will leave it alone and I hate to say it as I am sure we have all heard this saying before-but:
    HE'S OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER. I know,I sound like a mother don't I?lol(I have no kids though,my animals are my kids-lol).
    If punk makes any heat about Jerry's Heart Attack-he's going to piss off an awful lot of people and he could lose a lot of fans and I'm sure quite a few wrestlers would want to tear his butt apart-like a lynch mob-lol.
    They would want to turn it into something like a "public hanging or lynching"like was done in the old days-lol and I'm sure if his family were watching-if I know any parent right-they would be disgusted with his behaviour and would chew his butt out for it-lol.
    So, he just needs to leave the stuff with Jerry alone if he wants to continue to be on top and still have a job.
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