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  1. So, finally got round to watching the third DVD in the CM PUNK best in the world boxset.
    Have to say after watching the Over The Limit match between Punk & ?Bryan was nothing short of spectacular, best thing was I was watching it with a few mates who arent really in to wrestling.
    They Loved this match :pity:

    No surprise lol.

    Also they reallly liked the Cm Punk v Jeff Hardy match just for the fact they look like there kicking the living daylights out of each other:vince:

    Do Punk and Hardy not like each other ?
    Although that's another thread

    Anyway anyone else think these matches are pretty awesome ? :smug:
  2. Cm punk promos were otustanding , he start saying that cuz of him he needed to retake medication and that he would never been bann in the WWE , not like him , basically he acted like an extreme straight edge , I would say that they don't like each other that's all
  3. The Promos were outstanding, 100% agree with that !!
    not very often we see a bad CM PUNK promo though :pity:

    Yeah agree with that 'extreme straight edge' comment though :otunga:
  4. Yea these matches were really great..
    They are match of the year material..
  5. I marked out huge when Punk dressed up as Hardy, that was a sight to see.
    Show Spoiler
  6. Well that match was great and if you really want some good Punk vs Bryan matches, YOUTUBE - Bryan Danielson vs CM Punk ROH.
  7. ROH is great, more of you should give them a try. If you like actual wrestling, you won't be disappointed.
  8. Too bad Cornette shat over the product and the booking for a while.
  9. Matches were still good though
  10. Yeah it's gotten better though IMO. I don't know that they can catch lightning in a bottle again like they did with all the superstars 5-10 years ago.
  11. DGUSA/Evolve and PWG are ahead of ROH right now. ROH is bigger but as you said, the lightning in a bottle feeling is gone. DGUSA on the other hand have guys like Johnny Gargano, Sami Callihan, Chuck Taylor, Ricochet, Akira Tozawa, Uhaa Nation, Samuray del Sol, Generico and Jon Davis running around all at the same time. That roster is so insanely stacked.
  12. Wrestling is cyclical, TNA and WWE raided their talent. They'll find some more. They still have Steen, Generico, Cole, Richards, Edwards, etc.
  13. DGUSA...... Gave me something to do today.

    Edit first thing i see on their site is John Morrison... Lol'd a lil bit, but will still check it out.
  14. It's the American "brand" of a Japanese promotion. It also runs the Evolve brand (same roster, only they focus on win/loss records a lot). It is run by Gabe Sapolsky, an old apprentice of Heyman's who founded ROH.
  15. I said they were getting better, but in comparision to what they had 5-10 years ago? That's going to be hard to top. I hope they do, truly.
  16. Indeed, Punk/Bryan is always good. Always happy to see it.
  17. Honestly, i've never heard of this and it seems cool. Always can count on you to help me find some good wrestling material
  18. Their 2012 year has been stellar, only downside has been bad crowds at certain shows. I watched their two last shows of the year this weekend (Freedom Fight from around Halloween and Evovle 18 from sometime in November). Great shows.

    DGUSA works a nice style. It takes from both American wrestling, Japanese Puroresu and Lucha and mixes it real well. A nice blend of Japanese and non-Japanese talent as well.
  19. Could you recommend a couple of shows inparticular that were good?
  20. Freedom Fight 2012, Evolve 18 and 17, DGUSA Heat 2012, Open the ultimate gate 2012, Mercury Rising 2012, Uprising 2012.
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