News CM Punk v Ryback rematch confirmed

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  1. Today announced that the rematch would take place at HIAC as a singles match.

    So, what will happen? Who will win? Is this the end of the Punk v Heyman feud? Does anyone care?

    I think it will be another dirty finish with possibly Axel turning babyface or something along those lines.
  2. Ryback should go over in this match. As much as WWE been using Ryback as a joke for a year, he has a lot of potential and can't afford to loose to CM Punk again.
  3. Ryback has to win he should of won at Battleground but this time he has to win to be taken seriously
  4. One year later and we still have Ryback facing off with Punk,no one wanted to see it then and no one wants to see it now. It's whatever though,Ryback should go over this time.
  5. Ryback will win this for sure
  6. I think this might be used to write Punk off TV until the Rumble, where he returns and wins it.
  7. Reported that Bryan or Lesnar will win the rumble.

  8. Lol what, where?

    That would suck for either.

    Bryan should be one of the champions anyway, and fuck Lesnar getting it. He's obviously going to be one of the main events, he doesn't need to be anywhere near a title.
  9. Oh great this match again, Will most likely skip it and watch something else while it happens.

  10. You really have to stop using capital letters after commas. It kills my soul.
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  11. sorry.
  12. Any stipulation on this?

    Hope this is the end of the feud, this has become such an epic mismatch that even Punk's having trouble salvaging this.
    Heyman's guys SUCK.
  13. I wish every match at Hell In A Cell...was in a Hell In A Cell.

    WHAT IF MADDOX COMES OUT AS THE REFEREE AND SMILES. Everyone thinks he is gonna screw over Punk then BAM! He screws over Ryback! 2 Years in a row!
  14. Since Punk got the first one I'm feeling this will be a three-match feud and that Ryback takes this one.
  15. I think that Ryback will win with Heyman and Axel`s intervention
  16. The sooner this is over, the better, they've really dragged this whole Punk heyman thing on for awhile now :/! It's like they couldn't get Brock back, so Axel and Ryback are just filler feuds for Punk.
  17. It's simple and right. CM Punk is defeating Ryback again and the Paul Heyman d/ CM Punk feud continues.
  18. But it has been going for a lot of time, people are getting bored with this
  19. I would say the same, then we knew's to see Cm Punk battle in some tough WWE championship match then the match against Lesnar was great, but then it doesn't make sense. WWE has started this feud between Cm Punk and Ryback in a babyish bullyish way for some odd reason.
  20. I think they will try to get Lesnar v CM Punk at WM, but I don`t want to see every month till then Punk v a Paul Heyman Guy, it`s pretty boring