CM Punk Vs. Chris Jericho (Best in the World Clash)

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    Part 1

    Part 2

    What do we expect to see at Wrestlemania?

  2. Moving to PPV & Events.

    Not completely cleared up yet but it's definitely the rumoured wrestlemania match and personally I CAN'T WAIT.
  3. It could change a bit, but we still don't know.
  4. Just imagine how good the promos and match will be.
  5. epic match indeed
  6. I recommend everyone to watch the last video. It has Stephanie McMahon even though it's fan made.
  7. That video was my sig a few days ago :emoji_slight_smile:. Definitely Steph Johnny's texting.
  8. I did not know that @[Crayo].

  9. You love me.

    Though I do love how this angle is unfolding. Royal Rumble: Y2J used to screw Punk. Steph returns..?
  10. Not that early.
  11. Don't see why not. It's the 2nd last PPV before Rumble. EC isn't used to do a shock build for a story-line. After Rumble it'll basically be 2+ months of build up I think.
  12. Well if Jericho is going to screw Punk, Punk will want answers for why he did it. He can explain to him or ignore until Stephanie returns. @[Crayo]
  13. Could do yes. Though I don't see him doing anything until Steph "allows" him too.
  14. Moving back to General WWE. :tough:
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  15. Jericho>Punk
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  16. AJ Styles > both of 'em :smirk2:
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  17. :nope:
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  18. Remember when people liked Punk? Hahahahaha