CM Punk vs. Christian coming soon?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. Well, you saw what happened at RAW with Christian. Do you think he'll come back after WM and feud with CM Punk?
  3. Ummn, Christian was still injured and couldn't wrestle.........

    Ladies and gentleman... Kayfabe is alive and well!!!
  4. If he was still injury why being him back to be in a match!? There is no point! WOW JUST WOW!
  5. Keeps him relevant and a potential reason for a face turn since he was put in that match when he wasn't "fully fit", just a suggestion.
  6. It wasn't a match though, it was Punk putting his finisher on him constantly.
  7. He not going to turn face! After he was attck by Punk! I hoping for a Punk a Chirsan feud! Please WWE 1 MORE MATCH!
  8. But he was forced into the match on a show a heel GM runs, so a potential face turn is there to gain revenge on him for forcing him to compete whilst he was unfit.
  9. This!!!

    Captain charisma! I am a certified peep!
  10. but after WM28! Johnny will now longer be GM! So it would be dumb to do that! TEDDY WINNING!
  11. Nah he isn't turning face. They booked that match as "Punk injures Christian" not "Christian forced to compete injured". Kayfabe wise he was completely fine. Obviously he's hurt it again backstage so they made this happen, and hopefully it results in Christian vs Punk after.
  13. Confirms what I said.

  14. it would be a great rivalry, nice!
  15. Ankle injuries are extremely tricky to predict. The best rehab in the world doesn't always make them come back as quickly as a doctor predicts.

    Chances are that he was 100% on track by medical predictions to come back for Mania, thus they put him on Team Johnny. Then his recovery didn't progress as planned (this was probably not due to a lack of anything on Christian's part, just the nature of the injury), so they put him in the match on Monday night (I noticed him still limping though he tried very hard to cover it) so that he could be "injured" by one of the safest guys in the WWE (ring-work wise, Punk is extremely careful with the bodies of the guys he works with; it's one of the reasons everybody wants to work with him). This forced them to remove him from Mania, but does set up a great feud for when he returns.

    It also sets up the chance (as I predicted in the Wrestlemania predictions thread) that Drew MacIntyre could make the pin that beats Team Teddy, thus allowing D-Mac to eliminate the guy that's been tormenting him recently (which is an awfully heel thing for a face to do; I'm just sayin').

  16. Ace gets control of both shows, and for his first act he gives Christian his title shot against the guy who injured him. It'll gets a lot of heat on Ace and Christian, re-igniting the Punk/Ace feud (this time with a reason behind it, should be amazing) and makes Punk look like an underdog...

    Bravo, WWE, bravo. Booking win.
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