WrestleMania CM Punk vs Jericho Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. As we get near to the Wrestlemania PPV, we'll have discussion threads for each match to keep it organized. Many people have mixed opinions on CM Punk vs Jericho so I thought I'd start here, who do you think is going to win and who do you think should win?


    I think Jericho is winning only because he's come out and said it's bulls*** that he's leaving after WM, so I think he'll win it in controversial circumstances, perhaps Steph appears. I think he should win too.
  2. I say Jericho wins and loses at SummerSlam :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. If it indeed true that Jericho isn't leaving after 'Mania, then he is definitely winning against Punk.
  4. I'm surprised so many people think Jericho should win, I guess after EC that's bound to happen. Why WWE didn't give Jericho the title at EC for Punk to have the special WM win baffles me. I'm guessing perhaps something big is going to happen at Wrestlemania if Jericho does win because he isn't beating CM Punk cleanly. If Jericho loses then what was the point of his return?
  5. CM Punk winning helps to elevate him. That's the only thing I can think of.
    But I definitely see Jericho winning.
    They wouldn't have had him in the EC and lose, then win the #1 Battle Royal and lose at Mania, then to get another shot at say Extreme Rules and win. That would be stupid.
    Although this is WWE :/
  6. I honestly think WWE will really drop the ball on building this match.

    So far they haven't done jack [email protected]

    Hoping for Jericho to win at Mania and CM Punk to have his rematch at Extreme Rules as I really want to see Chris Jericho!

  7. CM Punk is WINNING AT WM28! He need this win to keep the "Best Wrestler in the World thing going to keep him elevate as the Next Big Time Main Event!

    Note CM Punk made said this to Chris Brown!

  8. Can't complain about it too much yet @[Jonathan] since it's not really officially started as a feud yet. It's just been Jericho hassling Punk without it getting too personal. As Punk said in the interview it could be special and we need to be patient as fans.

    Though I was pissed off with how Jericho's return was so special as it was unique (troll gimmick, and the vignettes) now he's just the personality of suit Jericho but with a nice jacket.
  9. I still don't see the whole point of the video packages because it's came to nothing. Pisses me off.
  10. Came to nothing yet, doesn't mean it won't.
  11. If Jericho loses at WM, then that would officially make his return completely suck. He lost the Rumble, Elimination Chamber and now Wrestlemania, too? Now that he has said that he isn't leaving after WM, it would be all kinds of stupid to not have Jericho win.

  12. What was the point of the return? There was NO point. He failed.
    Remember his return to face Randy? Exactly the same thing happened. He created a lot of hype. But in the end lost to him at a ppv. Next ppv he looses again, and then the feud ends he turned heel.

    Same thing is happening now, he returned with lots of hype, looses the ppv against Punk at EC, and my money is that he will loose again at WM and then leave, if he was to win, he would have won at EC, WWE wouldnt have waited until WM to make him win.

    My guess is that the lad is out of money, hence coming back to put people over to increase his bank balance.

    And u believe everything he has been saying lately at Twitter?
  13. I seriously doubt Jericho is "out of money." And no, I don't believe everything he writes on Twitter, but then, I also don't follow him on Twitter.

  14. he doesnt have to be out of money, to be a greedy money whore.
  15. Punk retaining at Mania and Extreme Rules would be good for business, but I gotta feeling Jericho wins at Mania, and Punk regaining at Rules.
  16. I love how Punk vs Jericho has already failed in JeebaK's eyes but they've not even faced yet. As CM Punk said, stfu and wait.

    Jericho out of money? Mm okay. Typical JeebaK trolling or being stupid, one of the two.
  17. What I find funny is how he changes his mind, one minute he's acting like Jericho's accountant saying he's out of money then the next he's saying he doesn't have to be out of money to be a money grabber. Which one is he greedy or poor? I'm starting think JeebaK has multiple personalities. All trolls just with disagreeing reasoning.
  18. Liked, so true lmao.

    CM Punk vs Jericho just isn't what we expected yet. Those vignettes promised a pretty dark character aligned with a "she", none of us know who this "she" is yet and if it's scrapped, but it still could appear. Plus, Jericho in any role he plays is gold. He came back with a troll gimmick which trolled everyone (the IWC too), now he's back to his arrogant best in the world gimmick, which is still gold.

    I honestly think this feud could steal the show, CM Punk seems to think so too, so why is it being criticized already?

  19. 1) Cm punk already faced Jericho in the Elimination chamber. Your point proven wrong YET AGAIN.

    2)Even if they didnt face, u dont actually have to be in a wrestling match for a story to fail.

    3)Im interested about seeing links to places where it mentions a "she" would be involved. The "she" is just a rumour created by jericho marks who couldnt face how pathetic his return was.

    4)He came back with a troll gimmick, didnt say a single world for 3 weeks, trolled everyone, everyone waiting for a exciting storyline to start, and what happens is that he comes out and says "i trolled all you pathetic hypocrites". Like yeah, ofcourse we didnt know you trolled us thx for telling. If he was going to use the same old best in the world gimmick then why use the 3 week troll build up? It doesnt have any relation.

    5)The best in the world gimmick certainly isnt gold and many people would like to see him put out of his misery.

    6)I would love to see the post where CM Punk mentions it could steal the show.
  20. 1) No CM Punk didn't face Jericho in the chamber, he faced Jericho, Kingston, Miz, Truth and Ziggler. That's not a one on one feud, you've never proved me wrong you moron.

    2) The story hasn't even started, how can it fail? #JeebaKFailingAgain

    3) Watch every single one of the return vignettes that was aired about Jericho before he made his appearance. Learn something for once. It's not a rumour at all, I'd get the links but this netbook is terrible. There's a big thread on it with every video on this site, search for it.

    4) The trolling gimmick was great at first, no one knew anything for sure. After week 2 the IWC smarks realised, but even they were fooled at first. The casuals had no idea. I agree that we don't want to see the same gimmick he had before he was punted by Orton, but even if we do he's great at it. But you don't know anything for sure yet so stop assuming.

    5) "many people would like to see him put out his misery". Go on every single wrestling forum, Jericho is the biggest IWC darling there is, even more than CM Punk and The Rock. No one wants to see him go, he could have a tooth fairy gimmick and he'd still be a god.

    6) Search for my thread with the interview with CM Punk on Rosemberg.
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