WrestleMania CM Punk vs Jericho or Undertaker vs Jericho?

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  1. Undertaker vs Jericho

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  2. Punk vs Jericho?

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  1. Which one do you think is going to happen at Wrestlemania and why? The video in my sig is obviously telling you what I think will happen. Though, I wouldn't be against Taker going against Jericho, and HHH (heel) losing to Punk at mania for WWE Title.
  2. Isn't it Taker vs HHH this year?
  3. Not been confirmed yet but most people believe that will be the case. Many many people are against it though.
  4. I wouldn't want that too.
    Jericho would lose against Taker so it would be better to face CM Punk.
  5. It's fine to lose against Taker. When you face Taker you know you're basically going to be in the match of the night. Jericho vs Punk could rival it, but the crowd & story wouldn't match any Taker match.

    HHH has faced Taker twice at mania already, Jericho has never faced Taker on a PPV (I don't think) yet alone Mania. Jericho is twice the wrestler HHH is, imagine how good this match would be?
  6. Yes, but Jericho wouldn't really progress as a WWE wrestler.
    Against Punk he would have a title shot and maybe a title reign.
  7. Jericho doesn't need to. He's already an established star. He's a guy that enjoys putting over the younger talent. WWE is in need of stars. Though I would personally love a Jericho WWE-Title reign. But Jericho DESERVES a match with Taker at mania.
  8. Ofcourse
    If Kane had retired :kilt:

    Edit: Jericho is getting old and I think he will have a last title reign.
    Although a match with Taker could do just as fine.
  9. You'll hate me but, Kane has also faced Undertaker twice. Taker's 20-0 streak would be basically 14-0 (or even less, can't remember if there's any other duplicates).
  10. This plus no offense intended Kane is a really good performer but Jericho is better in the ring and on the mic. Taker deserves a legendary match and Chris is one of the few people in the world who could help him with that.
  11. Tzesi is going to cry now seabs :emoji_slight_frown:.

    Though I'm 100% sure it'll be HHH vs Taker with Shawn as referee, with a stipulation of HHH's in-ring career on the line vs streak. Only way it can up the story told from last years. In a way I'll be happy if that's the case since it means I won't see HHH burying people any-more, but on the other hand we'd of lost the chance for him to put over younger talent when he's still healthy to go in the ring, and we'd see a repeat of a match where Taker will most likely come off looking worse like last year.
  12. HHH, put people over? LOL.
  13. I wouldn't want to see Kane vs Taker too.They've had too many matches.
    I still believe Jericho should go vs Punk for a last title reign, "best in the world" gimmick??
  14. I'd prefer Jericho vs Punk and Taker skip this WM and face Cena at the next (or Lesnar).
  15. Crayo, Taker is getting old, it wouldn't surprise me if he did end up losing his streak. Then the person who beat him would be bragging because he did the inevitable, beat an old man.. Also, taker hasn't been in action since last wrestlemania. Also, isn't Edge undefeated at Wrestlemania as well?
  16. Edge lost to taker at one mania. That's a pretty good idea actually. Who ever beat taker would be made for life as a heel. Who is worth being pushed that much though ?
  17. Two words for you. Razor Ramone.
  18. Why give it to hall? I love him but he's older then taker I think and would only be around for the mania match. It needs to be someone who's gonna stay with the company for a long long time.
  19. I know Taker is getting old, that's the reason I'd say leave this wrestlemania. Make sure he is fully healed and ready for WM 29, where he can face Cena or Lesnar and be the biggest match on the card. Why have 20-0 happen this year against someone he's faced and beaten twice already (HHH)? The match is just going to be overshadowed by Rock vs Cena anyway. Taker deserves more than that. End his carreer against Cena, beat him, then announce his retirement at 20-0. The only match I'd personally be content with is a Jericho match this year.

    It's been in discussion to lose his streak multiple times I think. If he does lose it, it'll be against a star like Barrett, Rhodes or even Miz. If they made him lose it to someone like HHH or Kane it'd be the biggest mistake in wrestling history. That won't happen though so don't worry. He'll keep his streak, he deserves that.

    As said above, Wade, Rhodes, Bryan, Miz for heels or even Cena. Punk maybe as the face who does it. Won't happen though I guarantee.
  20. @[seabs] All I can say Santino vs Undertaker
    WrestleMania 28

    Cobra will END the DeadMan.