CM Punk vs Jimmy Rave

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. From ROH's third anniversary show. Back when Punk was an ROH midcarder :dawg:
  2. Rave is so underrated IMO. Why doesn't anyone give him another shot.
  3. I like how Punk plays to the fans in this one.
  4. @"Respect Gohan6425" You might like this match. From Punk's early career.
  5. Who Jimmy Rave!?
  6. An independent wrestler. This is from before Punk was with the WWE. This match is from the third anniversary show of the company known as Ring of Honor, held on February 19 of 2005. Punk wrestled for Ring of Honor in between 2002 and 2005/2006. He had feuds with guys like Jimmy Rave, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and Raven to name a few. A lot of people say that Punk's best work was in Ring of Honor.
  7. Know u known I going to have deagree with that. but then agaiun I never ROH work. The onw I heard or is Raven from WCW/ECW and Samoa Joe wish he would leavre 2ND RATE COMPURY TNA AND COME WWE!
  8. I understand that since you have never seen his ring of honor work and thus you cannot say that. I personally believe that a lot of his ROH matches were better than his WWE matches but that's my personal opinion.

    I can easily hook you up with a couple of Punk's matches from Ring of Honor if you are interested in it. His original summer of punk storyline from Ring of honor, when he was leaving to join WWE (Actually signing the WWE contract on the Ring of honor title belt) was great.
  9. yes that would be cool. I seen some of it in the WWE DVD that made for CM Punk but not the match just highlight of it in the dounmently dise 1. I would live to see some of that. Is it really true that CM Punk REALLY WRESTLE IN A DOG COLLAER MATCH IN ROH?
  10. He sure did. That was during his feud with Raven when he was very new in Ring of Honor. I'll try and find that match tomorrow.

    This here is one of Punk's best matches. This is the start of his final run in Ring of Honor, the summer of Punk.
  11. Gonna throw this one


    And this one

    Out as well. If you want to I can set you up with more tomorrow or guys like @Danielson can help you. He's watched a lot of Ring of honor.

    I need sleep.
  12. [video=youtube][/video]

    @"Respect Gohan6425" Here you have another match.

    CM Punk vs AJ Styles at Ring of Honors second anniversary. Semifinals in the Pure championship tournament.
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