MMA CM Punk Vs Mickey Gall - Who wins?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by The Phenom, Sep 9, 2016.

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  1. ★"Best In The World"★ CM Punk

  2. Mickey Gall

  1. With UFC 203 approaching, I'm getting very excited to finally get to see how one of my favorite former wrestlers will fair in this bout vs Mickey Gall this week. NOT MAD AT ALL that punk left the wwe to pursue his new passion in MMA I mean who wants to continuously be misused and lied to just wish Aj didn't jump ship with him but hey that's how the cookie crumble's sometimes. Back to my point who will be victorious Punk or Gall?

  2. If Punk wins, the fight is rigged. If he doesn't, then he sucks. Right? :brock4:
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  3. Weigh in was good

    I'll be watching, I think Punk stands a chance but in reality Mickey Gall has the advantage. The controversy is Cm Punk has neve even had an amateur fight before and his debut fight is in the main card of a UFC ppv.

    The reason it was done like this is because UFC knows CM Punk's popularity and it drives more buys. I'd expect this to be like any other newcomer debut.
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  4. Hope CM Punk wins. Would be kind of disappointed if he doesn't.

    I think it's a toss up. Gall doesn't have too much of an experience factor over Punk, but he has age, and some experience as well as a more legit background. You never know.
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  5. There is a reason the odds look like they do. Punk is going to get finished early
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  6. You know someone will have something negative to say about it either way win or lose
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  7. No vote?
  8. I can't see Punk winning this... like at all.

    I'll definitely be watching though. I never liked Phil Brooks, I was a fan of CM Punk though. So if I get to see Phil Brooks get thrown around, I'm buyin that!
  9. Punk is a faggot. He'll lose.
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  10. I think he is still going by cm punk I may be mistaken tho
  11. Nah I meant that i liked CM Punk, the character he played on TV. Not the person he was outside of it. From what i've seen, he is kind of a jerk lol.
  12. Insulting me and TNH rt. Punk wishes he was a faggot.
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  13. I am big Punk fan and I honestly don't care that he is an ass outside of the WWE. Hell, Ric Flair is my favorite wrestler of all time and he's a Republican who campaigned for Mike Huckabee. If I can overlook that, I can overlook Punk having one of the biggest chips of all time on his shoulder.

    That being said, I think he might do a little better than we think he will... but I don't see him winning. I wouldn't mind seeing him win, and it would be funny just because of all of the negativity surrounding this venture (including much coming from Punk himself), the reactions of everyone who said he would fail might be amusing (including my own).
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  14. He's most likely to lose but I hope for his sake he puts in a good/respectable performance, can't imagine how soul crushing being absolutely destroyed here would be. I mean you gave up the thing you're best at, that everyone respected you for just to be beaten to a pulp in something that everyone hates you for attempting? That'd be awful for the guy.
  15. I hope Gall chokes Punk out in the first round. Just for the banter.

    That being said. I think Punk takes the D. He's not a pro fighter and his lack of experience is going to play a big factor here
  16. Tonight's the night. Looking forward to the fight. And Miocic vs Overeem, too.
  17. Whether he likes it or not, he is representing the entire pro wrestling industry tonight and as much as I wanna see him prove everyone wrong I don't see it happening...
  18. No he isn't. Lots of wrestlers have done MMA and vice versa. He isn't the first or last. Only difference is he has no legit back ground like most did
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  19. Josh Barnett did it last week. In a main event no less. Punk's not alone in repping pro wrestling in MMA.
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  20. Worst post of the year.
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