MMA CM Punk vs Mike Jackson

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Owen Hart, Jun 9, 2018.

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  1. CM Punk

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  2. Mike Jackson

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  1. Who will win?
  2. Just two amatures having a scrap. Nothing to see here. MJ wins
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. I'm gonna go with the one who released Thriller
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  5. I never liked punk but I actually want him to win... Because this guy might be an even bigger douchebag than punk himself.


    Black Power tattoo is a nono...
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  6. Yep, that black power tattoo did it for me..

    I can't stand Punk, but i'm hoping he wins this fight.
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  7. Pepsi power>>>>>>>>Black power
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  8. Looking at recent videos of Punk training his form is unbelievably shit.

    The way he throws punches is too cringe for me. I think Mike will win by TKO round 2.

    If I am right I hope Punk goes back to wrestling. ROH or NJPW
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  9. Go Mike Johnson!
  10. I liked Punk in WWE so I'm hoping he wins.. If he does as bad as the first time I guarantee his UFC career is over.. I respect him for stepping into that octagon to begin with.
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  12. I don't know how passionate Punk really is about this stuff, but if he really wants to stick with it, maybe it's better for him to not be on big PPV slots anymore. Not only does it turn UFC fans off to see a "draw" take up a spot on one of their bigger shows, when a more talented fighter could be taking that position but it's also sad to look at honestly. In WWE, there's no problem in putting a draw first, given that they can make him/her look strong in their own way, but here it's just like putting a celeb in there just for some publicity instead of a competitive fight.

    I wish him the best and hope to one day see him catch a W in this sport but I'd also understand if he stops now before he gets seriously hurt
  13. Alright Punk needs to stop fighting in the UFC now or he gonna end up dead lol. Dana White is super pissed at Mike Jackson tho. That guy is a super douche
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  14. Damn...

    Watching the fight right now, round 2, he is getting murdered.

    I really think he should have trained more, have some amateur matches outside of UFC and then maybe go to UFC if he did good enough. Not the other way around...

    Anyway, at least he is doing better than his first match I guess. Btw Mike Jackson is a real asshole.
  15. This was terrible for CM Punk. He was gassed at the end of the first round.. He did better than his first fight, but who cares about that, he couldn't have done any worse. Jackson was toying with him the entire fight. CM Punk looked like a fool...
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  16. Dana is lucky Punk didnt get seriously seriously hurt. He actually looked somewhat ok in the first round. After that he lost control. Started swinging like crazy and Jackson was toying with him, probably was trying to soak up as much camera time as he could get
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  17. He needs to spend a good 10 years training (it has only been 4 since he left WWE), then he can fight lower ranked guys and work up. Problem is, he is nearly 40 years old. Should have decided to become a fighter a lot sooner in life. I think this is just him filling the void of wrestling with something else to keep him in shape, entertain him, and feed him the attention he craves.
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