CM Punk VS The Rock: Who won the 1st Round?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Baraa, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. The Rock

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  2. CM Punk

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  3. Can't Decide

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  1. Their segment Monday was epic, both of them delivered in a great way.
    But who do you guys think came out on top?

    I believe Punk came out on top, Rock can talk trash about a superstar and he can entertain you and easily make you laugh while doing it.

    But Punk made sense in everything he said, he was right about everything. EVERYTHING.

    Punk I think was the better man during that promo, who do you think was?
  2. CM Punk ! :pity:

    Although Rock was the usual, impressive ring presence he is, Punk, like you said, spoke sense.
    Reminded me off the old CM Punk. I miss him :sad:
  3. Both were pretty strong, and I was happy to see Rock keep the catchphrases to a minimum and cut a serious promo putting Punk over as someone he should take serious, but I still feel Punk came out on top. Perhaps because he stands out more since few people can stand in the ring and cut a promo with the Rock and not look inferior doing so.
  4. Didn't vote? :pity:
  5. Yes lol. I voted for Punk.
  6. The Rock. Punk had some fair points but it still ended up as the same stuff he always sputters during this angle ("me, me, me, me!")
  7. Y U NO VOTE? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  8. My phone won't let me :sad:
  9. I totally disagree, if anything it was fresh promo, the Punk we saw was a new Punk, a different Punk..

    His promo was unbelievable, he is no longer asking for respect, it's like a "Punk VS The World" Gimmick.

    It's better than what we have been seeing during the last year.
  10. CM Punk was on to something, but I don't think he hit it on the head. Rock however did his thing & it was okay, complete and finished. To me it's even because some of The Rock's stuff like "cookie puss" was just saddening. I think CM Punk could have done better, his statement just felt incomplete, so I have to give it to Rock.
  11. The Rock definitely won round 1. I am with From on the "cookie puss " nickname, IMO that's his lamest one to date. Punk did well on his own but basically faded away when Rocky came out. Saying I'm gonna kick your ass 12 times in a row reminds me of fights in elementary school.
  12. The Rock won, fair and square. I'm not voting as a biased one because if CM Punk delivered a better one than The Rock, I would've said. However, The Rock did win this one as he out-shined CM Punk's. All due respect to CM Punk as he was onto something and his promo did mean something however it didn't live up to it's full potential.
  13. One thing that made me chuckle was when Punk was looking up at The Rock (a man 3 times bigger than him physically, and ten times bigger than him wrestling/kayfabe wise) that he's "boxing with God"

  14. Lame. None of them were the winners, we were.
  15. And that he was going to "kick his ass" (he said it about 3 times)

    Come on... Punk should not be allowed to say shit like that. When he said shit of that nature it snapped me out of my mark-like state and back to reality like "lmao, punk, gtfo you roody poo crackhead motherfucker"
  16. CM PUNK JUST B/C! :pipebomb: but then again I don't think I have to really said why!? :pipebomb: AGAIN!?
  17. Rock won he totally owned CM Punk
  18. Such a gay answer. Going to report you.
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  19. THE BRAHMA BULL by a long shot, well done Dwayne.

    3-0 for Rock.
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