CM Punk

Discussion in 'RAW' started by army_george, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Hell yes
    CM Punk back as a heel where he belongs
    best ending for raw 1000
    i thought this was an awesome show 10/10 imo
    punk v rock at royal rumble will be epic
  2. you think punk is holding on to the title until january ?
  3. I can't see Punk still been the champion in January that's for sure. At-least not under this reign might lose the title and win it back, but under "Triple H" new regime of longer title reigns If CM Punk loses the title, I don't think he'll win it back for a while.
  4. To me, they've clearly set up Punk/Rock for later on down the road. Now that Punk is a heel, it will seem a bit fresher if he keeps the belt a while longer. Although knowing WWE, they'll probably have Cena win it and then simply have Punk win it back (Triple H might want longer title reigns, that doesn't mean there absolutely won't be any quick title switches at all.)
  5. I really liked it. I don't want to see Punk as champion until the Rumble though.
  6. ^this. He loses to cena in the next month, and then can win it back later on closer to Jan if they want. Stale ass champion.
  7. yeah i think punk will be champ at royal rumble... he might lose at summerslam and regain at tlc or just be champion all they way through... dunno
  8. I like heel Punk
  9. It would be stupid for him to lose the title only to gain it back right after having freshly turned heel. Especially since it's not like it'll make him any less stale (if that's how you still perceive him) if he's just gonna win it right back anyway.
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