Cm punk's in ring skill

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Goodbad_Jester, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. Now i was watching some Cm punk matches and i tried to see what was so ''Holy'' about his in ring prowess. I even went back to his ROH days and i still failed to see what's so special about his in ring work.

    He's imo consistently sloppy in ring even basic kicks and Punches are lackluster. He's just really unbelievable and mediocre in ring.

    I would think with a ''Best wrestler in the world'' gimmick he would leagues above everyone on the roster. Sadly he's not i would even rank Natalya above him in terms of ring skill.

    Not too mention his serial botching of Kenta's GTS.

    I have never witnessed a main event level superstar(i use this term lightly) botch their finisher as much as Punk has.

    I am all for giving him a chance i tried i just spent an hour checking his work out. And nothing remotely amazing stood out.

    Is it that IWC fans are addicted to shoot kicks? Because that's basically his entire moveset.

    So why is it that the iwc overrates his ring skills? When there's tons more better wrestlers on the roster just to name a few Tyson kidd,Cody rhodes,Evan bourne,Curt hawkins etc etc.

    Your opinions and lets keep this civil no name calling i have not once called Punk out of his name. :smug1:
  2. IWC always overrates vanilla midgets, they think they're all good workers, I haven't seen anything special about punk either, I'm not saying he's a bad wrestler, I'm saying he's overrated and he isn't that good that everyone else makes him out to be.
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  3. Yea dude sucks.
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  4. He's definitely overrated in the ring among "smarks", I never thought he was all that great and he can be awfully sloppy at times.

    He's no HBK, Chris Benoit, Daniel Bryan, Dean Malenko, etc.


    Austin Aries/Daniel Bryan > > > > CM Punk
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    Haters = "This dude's awful and has nothing whatsoever going for him"

    Reality = "He's pretty good"
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  6. In order to hate someone/something it has to be something there to hate. :vince:

    In Punk's case he's just a one mic wonder. If it wasn't for that shoot promo he'd be either jobbing or future endeavored by now.

  7. Disagree. Look at the matches he's had this year. He's had a fast-paced, exciting match with Bryan, an awesome hardcore match with Jericho, he did a great job telling a story with Ryback, and had a slower, WWE-style dramatic match with Cena, and he made each of those matches all they can be. When I see him his moves and (especially) his look do leave a lot to be desired, you simply can't argue against the fact that sticking Punk in the ring gives good results.

    He's an amazing talker, but the shoot promo was overrated. It made him a star, but it coming out of nowhere at a time where the fans were quickly getting tired of WWE's bullshit made it special.
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  8. The Ryback/Punk match was horrible..
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  9. "Pretty Good" is an accurate description. But the dude is still overrated. He isn't as good in the ring or on the mic as many make him out to be. Certainly not the "Best In The World." He's not even the best in WWE, Daniel Bryan has that record. (Compare Bryan's match with Sheamus at ER with Punk's match with Sheamus on Main Event. Which is the better match.)

    And I know a lot of people don't like harping on a wrestler's look, but honestly, Punk just doesn't have the 'look' of a main event star, especially a mega star. I wouldn't be surprised if after Punk's long ass reign comes to an end, he doesn't just fall back into the upper-midcard (he's spent most of the year there anyway, he's only main evented twice in 2012.)
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  10. I find Punk pretty entertainment most of the time (though lately he's gotten stale as shit), and he can have good matches, but he's far from being "the best in the world" and the dude isn't as amazing as a lot of people like to think.
  11. I believe that he is a good-very good worker. I say the exact same with Cena; it is impossible for you to have so many great matches and not be a great performer. I'm the first to admit, his botching is horrendous at times. Why they ever decided to give him/why he ever decided to choose the GTS as his finisher is beyond me, as he cannot deliver it properly.

    But his matches tend to be very well structured and he does pull off some pretty unique stuff at times. His match against Ryback absolutely sucked but in fairness, that was hardly his fault was it? That's probably the only underwhelming PPV match he's had in his title reign so far.

    I think the fact he's a total dickhead in real life clouds people's judgement on his work in wrestling. It's really good most the time IMO.
  12. If he was so great he'd be able to carry Ryback to a good match. That's what veterans do carry less experienced to great matches. :smug:

    Alas Punk like you said and a few others said he has ok matches with people like Jericho. Because a guy like y2j covers up Punk's sloppiness quite well.



    My sentiments exactly i see him falling down the card hell i wouldn't be surprised to see him jobbing to Santino after he loses the title. :smug:



    Smart snarks overrate him. I guess they've been sniffing too much pipebomb fumes :dawg:
  13. Sorry but you cannot blame that much on Punk. Due to the fact Ryback had to look like a monster, Punk could barely get any offence in - so how could he have carried that?

    In your opinion.
  14. This to be honest.
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  15. Someone tag Randy.:dawg:
  16. I don't think his match with Ryback being bad was his fault... I think the match was booked to be Ryback dominating like that, as Punk normally structures his matches by himself and his psychology is awesome, so I don't think Ryback would have much control over it, and Punk would've done better so I think someone booked it as such. Anyway, yeah, Punk is good, his matches are entertaining to watch, not the best but pretty good as others have said.

  17. Glad you agree :smug:


    I'd watch a divas match with Kelly kelly and Rosa before i watch Punk.

  18. I'm not a Punk die hard but I think someone is hating here just for the sake of hating
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  19. I agree.. I thought you liked CM Punk.. :dawg:
  20. :umad:
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