CM Punk's lip piercing is gone

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jul 23, 2013.

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  1. Anyone notice on Raw last night when he was doing that promo when the camera got close that his lip piercing is gone.... maybe hes not so punk after all
  2. Such a worthy thread, it makes me honored to be the first to reply. Love you xoxoxo
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  3. He got rid of his tongue ring a few years ago... Did we have a thread on that as well?
  4. Maybe that was the shitty thing that happened to Lita. She tore her clit on Punk's piercing.
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  5. Don't really care about that. He can still use it. He's just not using it during WWE shows
  6. OMGOSH! :shock:
  7. Honestly, in his 20's it was fine but I think in your 30's... Lip and nose piercings just don't look right.
  8. I dont care what people say, that shit is stupid as fuck. Same as the marilyn mon-mole piercing for girls, noserings, and tongue rings for girls who dont give head. It doesnt make sense, and you're welcome.

    #YOURWELCOME :pipebomb:
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  9. #thinkaboutit
  10. If Cena didn't wear his hat last night would you make a thread about that too?
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  11. Sorry but fuck this thread. Closed.
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