CM Punk's moves on his early going

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Craveni97, Jun 9, 2013.

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  1. Found a video with some moves of Punk,which he used at the beginning of his career.He's using still some moves like the 'Anacoda Vice' and from time to time 'Welcome to Chicago Motherf*cker'..
    But why did he gave up the other moves?I mean,they are just amazing,you can't deny it.

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  2. I know why he gave up on the pepsi plunge...... TRIPLE H
  3. ...And that his knees couldn't take it anymore.
  4. Different style of working and goals, plus injuries.
  5. Pepsi twist is a nice move,its even in the latest wwe game,also i like the devil lock ddt. Thing is wwe limits wrestlers movesets and asks them to get rid of certain moves they perceive as dangerous.
  6. Outside of what the others have mentioned, think of the average size of a wrestler he was wrestling back then compared to workers in WWE. He can't be doing most of the moves against guys like Rock, Cena or Taker, he isn't strong enough. Really outside of DB, Ziggler or Jericho there aren't many guys Punk will be wrestling that he could pull most of those moves off with.

  7. can do it on Y2J,Bryan,Miz,Del Rio,Fandango,Curtis,Ziggler,3MB,Sin Cara,R-Truth,Kofi,Rhodes,Sandow,Orton,Christian and many more.So he would be able to use pepsi twist Punkhead Pildriver Corckscrew Blockbuster,Brainbuster and actually all these moves except of the Pepsi Plaunge..So,i have to go with Seab,other goals and different style..
  8. You won't be seeing the brainbuster on WWE TV or PPV. It is a move aimed at the wrestlers head, thus being deemed unsafe since it can cause head trauma or broken necks. Same with the Piledriver.
  9. First off all,Undertaker used his own Pildriver(tobstone Piledriver) on CM Punk 2 times on WM..

    Second of all,Punk used a normal piledriver on Cena on their match on Raw,for who will face the Rock at Mania..

    So :stfu:

    No offence by the way :dawg:
  10. Undertaker and Kane are allowed to use the tombstone because they know how to do it safely. They are the exceptions to the rule. Cena and Punk are the two top dogs. Do you really think Vince would have punished them majorly leading into Wrestlemania?

    There is a reason moves towards the head are banned. Take one too many and you become Chris Benoit.
  11. It was reported that Vince actually had to be restrained after Punk used that move.
  12. Sure Bryan knows how to do any variation of the move safely, its just that the tombstone piledriver is synonymous with Takers and Kanes characters.

    Also i don't believe benoit is the reason for the ban as that is chair shots, its just people like Owen hart and Austin have both fucked up on the tombstone variation.
  13. I must have missed that report. I don't remember seeing it. Do you have a link? I would love to read it.
  14. He stopped doing that neckbreaker after fracturing his skull.
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    how often does he wrestle ANY of the guys you mentioned outside of Jericho or Bryan? You named a bunch of jobbers. Doubt he could do most of that shit on Del Rio, who is much larger than Punk.

    because listen up, Jack. You asked the question so don't ignore a logical response.


    There are a lot more guys Punk's size in the Indies
    WWE is filled with larger men for the most part
    Punk is weaker than 99% of pro wrestlers

    How can you even deny it?
  16. You could just Google lmao. "Vince furious after punk piledriver" produced God knows how many websites reporting on it.
  17. Did
    Kidd busted it out a few times a few years ago didn't he?
  18. I honest to god have no idea. Around when would this have been?
  19. 2011, try you tubing it if you wish on my phone currently.
  20. Well I'll be damned. He did use the Brainbuster in 2011.
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