CM Punk's "New Nexus" Hair > Current Hair

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 3, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    He looks like a complete badass here imo. This look would have suited his rebellious character. I'm a big hater of his current "grease style" gel-back hair.

    Yes, it's a hair thread, get over it. :tough:
  2. I like this better then those [​IMG] but I think both of them are okay, I don't really prefer one over the other
  3. That hair was perfect for that gimmick. For his current apparent rebel gimmick I'd go with the one I posted. My all time favourite CM Punk hair was his long blonde hair.

    Show Spoiler
  4. I liked his Ring of Honor apparence, even his ring attire
  5. His short hair makes him look like a rebellious coward. I like that.
  6. IMO the only hairdo he's had that didn't look like shit is the one in the picture Crayo posted.

    At this point though he should have a John Cena crew cut since he is just a generic dick wad now
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  7. This.
  8. He Should go back to this
  9. Punk's SES look and hair were his best in look department. His oiled hair looks horrible. Punk looks horrible.
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  10. I liked his long hair. He's so much handsome with the long hair and all.
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  11. As a comic nerd his greased back hair does appeal to me because he reminds me of General Zod.


    But I like the original pic Crayo posted the most. The New Nexus look was bad ass on him.
  12. He could easily be Cousin Pauly from Fat Tony's Pizza Place..

    Punk, the kitchen. Now. :pity:
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  13. So we're all unanimous that his new nexus hair would suit his anti-hero gimmick?

    Ignoring the fact he's not currently an anti-hero.

  14. Nexus hair = :gusta:

    I don't like his current hair style. i seriously think he uses Vince's semen as hair gel
  15. I hated his long hair.
  16. Yeah that hair style was bad ass the gelled back look should be changed
  17. I also agree. I really like the haircut Crayo posted.
  18. Yesss!
  19. Not a fan of short hair in general? :okay:
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