CM Punk's New Opponent

Discussion in 'RAW' started by LeviDavis1993, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Who should be next in line to get a shot at CM Punk? I think Alex Riley should get a title shot, but who do you want as #1 Contender for the WWE Title?
  2. Alex Riley won't be a contender for the WWE title in a very..very long time. Unfortunatly WWE are to stupid to realize what a good talent they have in Riley but I think he deserves as Push as a mid card Champion. If built right.

    To answer your original question I still think Cena is very much in the hunt of the title picture. So I'm not really sure who the next contender would be.
  3. :yay: I love alex riley!!! he deserves so much more than he's been given.

    I think Sheamus should be his next opponent. have punk beat him for the title and then merge both the WHC and WWE title and that is when punk will debut the new title design
  4. Or what about Brodus Clay and Tensai?
  5. No one. He will feud with Cena for another month or two, then I guess the build with Rocky starts for Royal Rumble. I highly doubt we'll see an inbetween feud unless Cena feuds with someone else after HIAC.
  6. No, No, both these guys you're saying are effective "Mid Carders" not Main-Eventers. You need to build them up towards the Main Event by winning Mid card titles (US + Intercontinental) to get them over. And build them up.
  7. Yeah but Cena's out for six weeks so CM Punk needs a new opponent
  8. Cena will probably be back for HIAC. I'm pretty sure of it.. They can run video angles, and interviews with Cena until then.
  9. He's just admitted that he won't miss RAW. He just won't be competing.
  10. It'll be Cena.
  11. Ive heard its gonna be CM Punk vs Big Show at Hell in a Cell my god nooooo
  12. It's still going to be Cena vs Punk. Cena will be back in ring shape by Hell in a Cell no worries. They want to put Show against Sheamus
  14. Show vs Sheamus? :eww:

    It's funny, I'm sure Show will job here, but I don't think he should job to Sheamus... there are other guys who could use the rub.
  15. I want to see Sheamus try doing the celtic cross on Show and failing :lol1:
  16. Seth Rollins vs CM Punk
  17. Can't believe I'm saying this, but yay.

    WWE gets a boner from booking Big Show strongly. He's the only heel Vince loves to push strongly, so maybe Sheamus will look weaker going into that PPV?
  18. I'd mark.
  19. That's true, but I was thinking along the lines of "Show buries everyone for no reason and will be fed to Sheamus, who doesn't need it, instead of someone else". But I agree with you. Although the match... :eww:
  20. TNA > wwe. Time for more build without a competition.
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