CM Punk's new shirt

Discussion in 'RAW' started by GrammarNazi82, Oct 8, 2012.

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  1. So, I hate it, but anyway, here's the shirt Punk will be debuting tonight.

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  2. Let's just say I... don't like it. Should be a darker color.
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  3. Yellow doesn't suit him at all
  4. My thoughts exactly. I prefer his darker-color shirts.
  5. I like the shirt he had before. :pity:
  6. Im disgusted at this merchandise its just like Cena's. OMG CM Punk cant wear this shitty merchandise he will get ripped to pieces
  7. Looks cartoony as fuck
  8. I liked the ses shirts.


    This new one is dumb as all hell though
  9. It sucks.
  10. Now I'm wondering how long we'll have to see him in this horrendous shirt before they design a new one again.
  11. Anything longer than a month and i'll cry.
  12. I actually like it.
  13. Say what?
  14. It's different.
  15. That could have been Cena's new shirt.
  16. I normally hate black and yellow but I do, also, like his shirt. The white sets it off.
  17. Off-topic, but I love your sig, @[JohnCenaFan]! :emoji_slight_smile:) ORTON FOREVEAH
  18. Agreed.
  19. You would. :haha:

    I agree that it looks "cartoony" and to me it isn't different. It looks like a shirt they would release for Cena. Ugh.
  20. Should be a dark color, the way he looks, the piercings, the tattoos, just naturally(or afterso after that stuff he got on himself) he looks better in dark clothes. Hope he gets rid of this soon, yellow looks bad on him.
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