CM Punk's Post-WrestleMania Touring Schedule Revealed

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roi, Mar 23, 2013.

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  2. Punk's been reported as hurting as far back as December. Most already assumed he'd be resting after Wrestlemania anyway.

    Maybe after Undertaker finishes him off, a bunch of druids come in and carry him out and we don't see him again for three to five months or however long. Or Undertaker just gives me a last ride off a stage or some shit.
  3. He needs a break, I don't think he's had a rest since 04 / 05 time, he's been rehabbing injuries sure but not an actual I'm stopping for a month or two to rest up. You can tell he's beat up and his injuries are mounting, it'll do everything good.
  4. Really hope he rests a while, he needs it.
  5. They say he's going to rest and I think WWE should let him rest a while because he needs it, maybe a return as a tweener or heel would be good.

    I personally think WWE needs to give wrestlers a little rest of a month or something because they fight and make promos almost every week and that's a little exhausting imo.
  6. True, the last time he was injured, he got stuck doing commentary. Not that he's bad or anything.
  7. He had a break, but it was when he said he was "leaving" WWE, McMahon wouldn't let him go with the title but it was a reason to let him rest and then make a storyline between Cena, Punk and Del Rio for the WWE championship
  8. Was he resting before he joined the nexus? He was off tv for awhile and then commentated just before he joined.
  9. Rest is overrated. He better keep working or he's just a big pussy.
  10. He had 2 weeks, hardly a break. It was a mini hiatus at best.
  11. He had shoulder surgery I think.
  12. 2 weeks, half a month, doesn't matter, he had a little break...
  13. Yeah he had a break but after 8 years wrestling don't you think he needs a little longer than that to rest?
  14. 8 Years in wrestling, gets injured. 2 Weeks is enough to heal all the injuries in those 8 years? Really?
  15. Yeah, lots of wrestlers don't compete and then top wrestlers can't have a week break once a year at all... THAT'S EXHAUSTING


    It doesn't but he had a little break, maybe his injuries didn't heal but that's what happens when you're a top wrestler...
  16. He deserves a rest, the guy held the company as the champion for 400+ days, he had many injuries in the last few months, he needs this rest imo.
    Plus, it will help refresh his character a lot.
  17. I can see the WWE bringing him back on Payback. Main eventing that after not being seen for a while will generate interest in the new PPV.
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