CM Punk's promo on Vince

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. What a piece of brilliance that was. Personally, that's promo of the year for me. Punk continues to impress me and back up my opinion that he is the best mic worker on the planet with Paul Heyman.

    I think Vince played his part perfectly too, but it really made Punk look like a Punk and you could tell how good it was as the crowd were going crazy, he's getting a LOT of heat now. What happens when you get a lot of heat on a heel? The new face feuding with him will get a lot of cheers, as we saw with the guy who was arguably the most over there last night with Ryback. I even got goose bumps when Ryback came down in the main event and nearly hit his finisher, mainly because of how the crowd were going ape shit.

    What did you think?
  2. I think you're more in love with Punk promo's than our dear friend Mr. Ambrose.

    Erm, I don't know what to think about CM Punk, I just don't like the current character he's portraying. He's a fantastic wrestler, and a brilliant speaker but this whole "Respect" thing is utter horse shit. It's boring the life out of me, so my judgement is kind of clouded. I hope he works with Ryback because at the moment Ryback is by far the most over superstar and this with toss him to the next level.

    Hopefully Punk will drop the title soon enough because I think that's why he's boring me, I'm not a fan of swapping champion every 30 days but Punk as the champ is killing me.

    I'm sure I'll appreciate him more, him not been the champion but still heel.
  3. Wow, quite a rare opinion in the IWC but fair enough. I love Punk's reign at the moment it's pure brilliance. I think this respect angle can go wherever it wants, we've already seen how much it's changed Punk over the last two months.

    And no, I love nothing more than Ambrose. I would love to see a Ambrose vs Punk promo though, that'd be mark-city.
  4. I thought it was the same old shit. Only with Vince in the ring.

    Honestly just wanted him to shut the FUCK up and let Vince talk. Vince's words before Punk interrupted him were 100 X more interesting.
  5. It sounded like a new era launch (said this last night), I know it wasn't but I too was very interested in where it was going. But obviously nothing was planned as Punk interrupted, but I do hope Vince does continue from what he was saying... or are we supposed to do what they always want us to do and just forget about it?
  6. I agree with D'Z here, for once Punk coming out sort of ruined it for me. When Brodus and Truth were dancing and Vince interrupted and mentioned it in his promo, I was really interested in what he had to say. Punk did what he always does, his respect thing, which is meh, he delivers it perfectly, yes, but I don't find the content that appealing. It's OK, but the content could be better, I think. Anyway, it was good, but I just wanted to listen to Vince at that point.
  7. I guess i was just hoping for a mcmahon heel turn and some sort of alliance between punk, mcmahon and heyman but.......... i should know never to get my hopes up.
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