CM Punk's psychotic side?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. Was it just me that noticed his psychotic side starting to return in the cage match? He randomly sung about Menthis (or w.e it's called), smiled sadistically at Jerry while no the floor, the obvious after beat down. Do you think they'll be taking his character in that direction? So obsessed with being the center of attention that he becomes psychotic?

    I'm not sure I'm a fan of it. Most people know I'm a massive fan of psychotic gimmicks like Ambrose's, but I liked CM Punk being the intelligent anti-hero to be honest. Being psychotic doesn't really display intelligence. It CAN do if done right, but it won't work.
  2. He is definitely just coming across as a lunatic at this point, which is okay, but not ideal. His obsession over something as simple as getting an apology from Lawler for a pretty innocent comment shows that they are at least having him toe the line of being psychotic. Like you said I would definitely rather see him as an anti-establishment antihero (IWC loves antiheroes) as opposed to the route they seem to be taking it.

    Still though (rare optimistic viewpoint incoming) it's much better than happy go lucky clown shoes/goat face CM Punk, so no real complaints from me. One thing I was thinking about though is I hope to God they leave him heel and stop trying to force him into a face role just because he gets positive reactions sometimes. Let his character do what it needs to do and let the crowd react how they may, but please don't let their reactions dictate his character anymore in the future like they did for the majority of this title reign.
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  3. Yeah, I don't like this heel Punk to be honest. People seem to think a heel is a heel, and that isn't true. I'm a big babyface fan, but if someone is playing a good heel, I'll be their fan too... Take for example, Del Rio and Bryan.

    CM Punk's new gimmick ultimately portrays that of a "Kane" gimmick. I do not think it fits him, and I don't like it personally.
  4. Completely agreed. Seeing Punk beat the snot out of Lawler at the end and locking the doors (I guess climbing INSIDE the cage is impossible but climbing OUTSIDE of it is fine) was a cool sight, I was more marking for the fact he just stumbles out the ring and casually walks away from Cena smiling without turning back.

    The down side is you can't stay psychotic for a certain period of time, eventually they have to lose thus looking weak and the streak ends. So where does he go after? Face turn. With the smart asshole anti-hero gimmick, he can stay like that forever. He can feud with ANYONE as he's affectively just a tweener. He can go out there and make heel Daniel Bryan look stupid, or he can go out there and make a smiling Rey Mysterio look stupid, it's so open and that's where (imo) Punk is best. Oh well, optimism to the end, I now look forward to every Punk segment again.

    I don't think it's anywhere near Kane's yet personally.
  5. That's what I see it developing to into the future, but without the powerhouse part.
  6. I don't know... I usually smile when I cause pain to others.
  7. speaking of Amrose, where the fuck is he!? i was looking forward to his debut so much
  8. Seriously, people gotta stop discussing Ambrose. He will debut when WWE decides. F'ck!
  10. Think about it. How would he debut? Every major storyline is occupied.
  11. maybe integrate him as one of DB's anger management partners? Would kind of fit his psychotic gimmick. Ambrose vs DB would be the tits
  12. Punk has changed I don't think his mentally stable to hold the WWE world championship belt!!
  13. Youre right!!! he is more mentally unstable than AJ was!!!
  14. I dont know if its psychotic or just sadistic we still always seems cool calm and collected while doing this things im just worried that once the people stop cheering him wwe will bury him again
  15. WWE wont bury him. if they stop cheering for him it's because they've started booing him. CM punk is so much better as a bad guy and will definitely be a top heel.

    I'm hoping for him to win at night of champions and debut a new title design.
  16. yeah but everyone knows what wwe is like they dont care how good someone is they bury ppl acidentlly half the time
  17. I use to be a huge CM Punk fan but after his recent behaviour I have lost all respect for him and feel he needs to learn what respect actually is before he starts demanding it. Watching him lock himself in the cage and continue to attack Jerry actually made me cry I could not believe someone who had achieved so much could lose my respect and actually have me hating him in the space of 3 weeks. AFTER THIS RECENT BEHAVIOR I THINK HE NEEDS TO BE GIVEN A WARNING OR HAVE HIS TITLE TAKEN OFF HIM!!! He does not deserve to be champion I he can not act like a champion. And huge respect for cena who interviened he didn't have to but he stood up For what he believes in!
  18. Hi! I'm from the IWC and would like to talk to you about Kayfabe.
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  20. CM Punk is obviously gonna be a major heel now with a psychotic side and thats probably how he will retire something really good is planned for his exit
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