CM Punk's reported Summerslam opponent is...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 1, 2012.

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  2. You've gotta be fucking kidding me!!!
  3. Well. At least I can take pleasure in knowing Randy will have a stroke out of it. Even though he is a fan of both.
  4. Well duh! 2nd biggest show of the year and Big Show is top heel!

    Grade A booking.
  5. [size=x-large]Rather it be big show than fat bloom like it probably would have been[/size]
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  6. At least all the focus will be where it's always been. Yay Triple H.
  7. I'm guessing Show wins dirty at NWO, loses at MITB to Cena, goes after Punk for #wwelogic reason.

  8. The Summer of Big Show!

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  9. It's all going to be so fucking pointless.

    That being said, at least several of these reports you've been posting have been false (thank goodness).
    And you still have the suspense of "Hey, Punk can't hit his finisher on Show!"

  10. [size=x-large]ANACONDA VICE[/size]
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  11. If the Yes Lock don't work on Big Show why should the Vice. And if we go by that logic it gives it even more suspense. Dammit...
  12. Rofl

    Because I was posting Dave Meltezer shit. This is lordsofpain. Semi-credible.

    Though I still think 1000th episode of RAW = Stone Cold returning, taking out Johnny and Punk's music hitting.
  13. If by the end of the night on 1000th Raw shit has still not improved then I think I might take a mini break until something happens. It's damn near unbearable at the minute.
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  14. I don't see this being exciting at all...The Big Show needs to be more destructive and have more moves if they want this to be entertaining. He should be flipping over peoples cars as soon as they get in and using his strength in that matter outside the ring to send a message. The stipulation of the match should be something like I quit. Since usually the superstar who loses always gets heartbroken because they quit and the others ego gets a boost.
  15. I hate the fact that they're placing CM Punk with The Big Show. Although, I don't like CM Punk they could have put him in a feud with Wade Barrett or Cody Rhodes through out the summer, it would've been a great mixture of young talent putting on great feuds that would be meaningful.
  16. True. Punk vs Rhodes, two talented workers against each other? No. Let's put Punk against this huge guy who should've already retired. I think I'd actually prefer for Punk to feud against Tensai who was supposed to get Big Show's push, and that's saying something.
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