CM Punks Says AW Firing Was Justifiable, Doesn’t Find Making Fun Of Rape Funny

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 16, 2012.

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    inb4 CM Punk fans take Punk's side and turn on AW
  2. I like AW, but I don't like rape jokes. :[[
  3. He isn't the first person to make it. It's not about the joke itself, it's just about how they treated it. The last guy to use a rape joke before AW is now at the Main Event getting a shot at the WWE Championship.
  4. It wasn't just the rape comment, he supposedly made some inappropriate remarks backstage as well.

    Still, I feel the need to post this:

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  5. Of course not! No one cares about people with diseases anymore. They won't do anything, Kobe though. He is in prefect shape, and everything. He might sue them. Plus Vince didn't mean it, it was just a joke.
  6. Lmao.

    Sorry but shut the fuck up Punk, it's alright for you to mock a fan for being a homo but not okay for AW to make a rape joke?
  7. You.... Have...A ....VAGINA!

    I will never-EVER.. Forget that video.
  8. I guess we'll fire Big Show then since he made the same joke when it was actually relevant.
  9. I think everybody is thinking of this as the joke offended Kobe Bryant, but nobody seems to think that maybe they did it because it would be offensive to not only the person raped, but every person raped who watches wrestling?

    The Big Show thing was indeed of equal caliber, and it's not fair in that sense. The Vince thing...well come on, he's the owner so what is he going to do, fire himself?

    All I'm saying is, it wasn't really because they made fun of Kobe that he got fired.
  10. Rape jokes can be funny. Anything can be funny. When making a joke about something sensitive like rape though you better make damn sure you're delivering s funny line because when you swing and miss on topics like that it's awkward. So I definitely disagree with Punks sentiments

    I didnt think AW had a funny joke though, so he quickly found out the fine line I was talking about. I don't think he deserved to be fired, but he should have known better since 1 he works for an entertainment company aimed at kids and 2 he wasn't an all that important piece to the WWE pie


    I agree with your thesis but have to point out that there was no 'person raped' in th Kobe case. She was a money grubbing slut
  11. WWE makes :
    Jerry Lawler call Vickie fat.
    Vince mocks JR condition.
    Cena beat up michael cole to underwear, calls Eve 'Hoe'ski.
    AW makes rape joke - fired.

  12. Google 'Patrice Oneal anything can be funny' and click the YouTube vid. Idk how to link to it on my phone
  13. It all comes down to knowing your employer. It isn't like he just found out the day he got fired that Linda McMahon was running for Senate and that WWE wanted to keep their programming PG. With this knowledge, you've got to know better than to make controversial statements.

    It's like if you have a boss who is Jewish, you probably don't want to make a Holocaust joke that he hears regardless of the humor you find in it. It no doubt escalated quickly, but that's life in the business.
  14. He wasn't fired for that, he was fired for the Linda McMahon reference.
  15. I agree with punk!
  16. Damn PC world and Linda senate runs.
  17. That's called quitting. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  18. Google Patrice Oneil schools brawd on funny. People who get offended by jokes need to gtfo. Rape jokes ftw
  19. You can't deny it was stupid of AW to say it though, all be it very funny. He wasn't even fired for that though and it would have been stupid if he was.
  20. CM Punk is right AW crossed the line making a joke about rape on a PG show plus CM Punk respects women alot so obviously he doesnt find rape funny at all
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