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  1. Yo! [​IMG]

    Since this site wasn't available at the time of the actual promo, what was your first thoughts when you heard it? Also, when they announced he got suspended, what was your reaction on that?

    My first reaction would probably have to be a bit of denial. I wasn't able to believe what he was saying. This is exactly what the IWC has been complaining about for months/years and we're hearing this issue on WWE television by a Superstar. Pretty much the vibe was really good, it got lot's of mainstream publicity and wrestling once again was the hottest things.

    Pretty much my reaction was this:


  2. I must say I marked out when I first heard it... I don't remember the exact reaction but it was similar to that Edge gif you posted. When they announced he was suspended I was a bit unsure about whether it was kayfabe or real, but leaning towards kayfabe iirc.
  3. When he got suspended I kinda figured it was Kayfabe.
    Although what he said came from his heart. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  4. That's true. Whenever you're talking about something you genuinely believe in, it'll sound great.
  5. It is probably what single handedly got me watching WWE again rather than just ROH. Thought it was probably one of the best shoots ever. I marked out obviously towards my fandom on CM Punk, but it was really good. I really got into the Punk vs WWE storyline, and thought they had endless ways to approach it, but they failed pretty bad on that.
  6. This shoot promo was real as CM Punk has said he made up a fake promo and gave it to Vince to approve and CM Punk wrote the real promo and used that when Raw went live and when I watched that I was just like wow he actually said all that on a live show my god CM Punk is awesome
  7. I wasn't watching wrestling when it happened :(( i rage quit after christian lose the title to orton lol. i think it was pretty cool. he had nothing to lose by doing it and it definitely saved his wwe career
  8. Watched it, reacted just how Simon did in that gif. I was in bed at the time and the first thing I did afterwards was go online and find out from other wrestling fans if it was a shoot or worked shoot or what, and no one knew. Everyone were saying different things. Then the next day or so it was announced he was suspended and I began moving towards worked shoot and started praising WWE a LOT. I knew they wouldn't suspend someone in the title hunt who has just made a promo that has blasted into mainstream media.

    Then after I fully understand I turned into that Edge gif.
  9. This 1 of the few raws i actually missed because I was on vacation at the time. :upset:
    I had to watch it on youtube, so the effect wasn't as great. I was already a Punk fan before then, but the angle made it even better for me
  10. When I saw that Stone Cold shirt I knew something was going to happen, and when he began to spoke it honestly amazed me and I wasn't part of the IWC so I didn't have anybody to discuss this about with. My parents were gone so I was watching this in the living room, and everything he said was everything I thought. He amazed me, so I became a bigger fan of him afterwards. I knew it was real when he mentioned Ring of Honor and Colt Cabana. When he talked about Heyman I knew it was true too, Heyman gave him the chance in the reformation of ECW in WWE. Even the interview with Colt Cabana saying it was open mic time, so I think that proves it.
  11. What was he going to say about the bully campaign
  12. Maybe that Vince himself was bullied. He said he had a personal story about him.
  13. I imagine he was going to go on to say that it was ironic because Vince himself is one of the biggest bullies he knows. Something along those lines anyway.
  14. lolno. that would be showing sympathy for him :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: he was probably going to unearth some horrible story about him doing something bad. maybe thats why they abruptly cut off the mic :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  15. Yeah, that's probably it.
  16. Anybody could have done that promo and got over. Not impressed :boss1:
  17. :win: I LIKED IT-in fact, I have it on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL and my YOUTUBE FAVORITES LIST-they've been there for awhile. Where to start..hmm.

    Okay-You speak your mind-I LOVE THAT.

    The suspension I thought was a little harsh(but soon I understood why they did it after I lost a job for the same thing,it's called "INSUBORDINATION")-so no I wasn't happy about it-but I have also learned even if it's just a job or a storyline or whatever-you get in serious trouble for having a BIG MOUTH. BUT I DO LOVE THE PROMO SHOOT Itself.

    Only thing is-you were suspended-but you never left,should never threaten to leave-UNLESS YOU'RE REALLY GOING TO DO IT( I think you know why I'm saying this-lol).

    ALSO-I know you are the best in the world and therefor I should trust your judgement and that you know what you're doing and I'm trying to,and I know you say Paul Heyman is a great guy-I don't care if it's storyline or not-
    DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BRING TROUBLE FOR THE COMPANY YOU WORK FOR? lol, I just don't like the feeling I'm getting about what's about to happen,and most especially not after what just went down between HEYMAN,BROCK, and HHH and I tell you-I don't blame Stephanie for smacking him when he spoke about her children unnecessarily,if that was me-I would've done the same exact thing,she was just protecting her babies as every mother does and is suppose to(storyline or not period). I don't like the character of HEYMAN and I don't like the idea of what you 2 may be cooking up and I would not be in the least bit surprised if Brock Lesnar has also got a hand in this too,but it's a job and I respect whatever happens happens-but I can't say that I'm pleased about it and also like I've stated You're married to THE WWE in a way and involving Heyman is like Cheating on your wife with a mistress-it's just not very loyal,but hey that's just me.
    But don't worry-I'm not going anywhere-I am meerly tolerating what is going on and riding out the storm so to speak til it passes and the storyline is over,I'm still a fan-but I have told you-I'm opinionated just like you and I'm going to be honest and tell you exactly what I think if I don't agree with something-that's just me and after all I think I've only learned from the best-BEST IN THE WORLD!

    The mic being shut off on you-heck when I've gone too overopinionated,people have been known to just literally walk up to me and put their hand over my mouth to try and shut me up(it only works for a brief second though-lol, I have ways of getting them to remove their hands-lol,usually results in a few teeth marks left in their hands-lol). So be glad only the mic got shut off when it could've been worse-lol.

  18. He said it in the promo I showed you (with Vince and Punk). It was just how Vince is a massive bully himself yet he runs this big bully campaign.
  19. :burns: You know it's funny that you mentioned that, cause I have thought about this many times and have asked the same question in my head a zillion times over.

    The WWE talks about "DON'T BE A BULLY,BE A STAR" in those commercials-and I'm meerly feeling a little confused and just trying to understand what THE WWE is doing.

    PEOPLE talk about "PRACTICING WHAT YOU PREACH" all the time and the commercials are preaching ANTI BULLYING and I love that they're trying to do something about this very normal epidemic.

    All through my school years I was bullied pretty bad and got my butt kicked many times than I care to remember, but if it's going to be preached shouldn't there be something to back it up with so to speak.
    The characters in wrestling that I have mentioned with BIG EGOS,POWER,and Control issues-aren't they kind of a form of BULLYING?Even if it's scripted,is there a message in that that I'm suppose to be getting that I'm missing here?
    Are they turning them into bullies and bully storylines to show others what bullying is and how it feels to be bullied?

    I just would love to know and understand how the bullying thing is suppose to work even though you kind of already have some bullies in your midst so to speak.

    Just am looking to see and understand what WWE'S thought process on this is is all-it's not meant to attack or anything-I'm just curious is all. So if anyone can explain and delve further would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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  20. Vinnie is the biggest bully out and I want him to realize that!
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