CM Punk's UFC reference edited off Raw

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    CM Punk's mention that Brock Lesnar was a former UFC Heavyweight Champion was edited off the RAW replay that aired in Australia. For what it's worth, Punk went "off script" during his promo as the UFC reference wasn't planned. Punk is known to "push his limits" when it comes to holding a live microphone.

    ^^^ CM Punk's pipe bomb still in affect:pity:
  2. Not surprised really.
  3. Punk always seems to do this stuff. It makes him awesome.
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  4. Understandable. If he had said that winning the UFC Championship was perhaps equally as impressive, or just as impressive, or just very impressive in itself, it would have been different. Saying it was more impressive (even with inserting two "maybes" in there) pretty much puts UFC above WWE, which isn't the ideal thing to say on a WWE show.
  5. That's what makes him the best.
  6. Understandable why WWE would do this. Why would you want someone kinda promoting another business.
  7. I love Punk's work but that was stupid.
  8. Seriously why are people praising him for this?

    "Hahahaha punk said UFC is better pipe bomb da bess"
  9. Yeah man. If this was posted in an UFC forum and people were saying "lol even pro wrestlers acknowledge UFC beats that fake wrestling crap" I could understand, but he shit on the business and people go "OMG SO EDGY." I thought I was biased because I hate MMA but I see now that that's not the case.
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  10. Punk will put that microphone in every hole Lesnar has in his body! :boss1:
  11. "Punk is known to "push his limits" when it comes to holding a live microphone."

    And I said "That's what makes him the best."

    That was at least what I was praising him for.
  12. Because it's true.
  13. That's because he just said that UFC > WWE because UFC is real.

  14. Opinions are neither true nor false, silly bitch.
  15. I think it's more the fact Punk seems the only person to push them to their boundaries. It probably reminds them of how Austin used to be in the past. I can see Punk easily being the type to tell writers that the promos they used to write for him were shit, and intentionally go out there and ignore all of what they said. Some haters might think that's ignorant and he should do as he's told, regardless of whether he agrees. Fans like myself think it's innovative, creative, and takes a lot of balls. I personally respect Punk for having the balls to do his own thing and let the back know he will do it his way or no way, clearly it has worked for him, and I hope more talent follow. Do I think he should be saying stuff like he did in this? No. Do your own shit, but if that own shit can make the company look weak, then it's just an ignorant and obnoxious move to pull.

    Regardless, the fact he does it and nobody else does is something most people are attracted to.
  16. Brock was in teh ufc?Never.
  17. I was speaking specifically on this incident, not in general.
  18. Aruging the validity of his statement makes you a stupid bitch.

  19. Yea, I'm a stupid bitch, you nailed it.

    wooooooooo, way to be Punk, BEST IN THE WOOOOOOOORLD! BURY pro wrestling to make the UFC look better, wise move mate! CM punk! Cm Punk!
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