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    I was rewatching Hell In A Cell 2012 earlier today and right before the main event between CM Punk and Ryback, the commercial for WWE 13 played:

    I didn't take note of it when it first played for obvious reasons, but seeing it again, I noticed something different - Punk is wearing the trademark attire of The Shield, which is a Swat vest or a riot vest, whatever you prefer to call it. And he's talking about a revolution (change) and holding his fist up (although The Shield hold their fists outwards, but it's a similar pose regardless.) And this is one month before The Shield debuted. And how did they debut? By helping Punk retain the title. And that was the whole thing about them for the first couple of months... were they really there to dish out their own brand of 'justice' or were they just there to help Punk prevail during each title defense?

    It doesn't really mean much, especially now, but it's interesting regardless. Especially considering it WAS eventually revealed that they had been hired to help Punk retain the title. I'm glad Punk was never revealed as their actual 'leader' though, as the other three would have just been his lackeys and wouldn't have really stood out as much.

    EDIT: Come to think of it, they may have already had The Shield gimmick planned out and put this in purposefully just to toy with people and see if anyone fell for the 'hint' that Punk really was leading them or something.
  2. I do like the theory, but I think this had nothing to do with the Shield lol.
  3. yh good point but i think it is just the trailer and no links to the shield (but i could be wrong)
  4. Just thinking...what If they got the Shield's attire? I mean, the other way round. Instead of hinting the idea of the Shield, gettin the idea of the Shield or at least the attire and stuff from the commercial? What are you doing watching HIAC 12? It was horrible.

  5. HIAC 2012 was a pretty decent PPV. We didn't get the Punk/Cena HIAC match that we so rightfully deserved (due to Cena's injury) but there wasn't a bad match on the card.
  6. stupid ending to the PPV tho
  7. Lol'd at Brad Maddox. Please watch the main event of NOC12. First match of Brad as referee
  8. Half Life 3 Confirmed!
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  9. CM Punk being the leader of the Shield would make me mark out
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