CMPunk vs Cena/Ryback Thoughts?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lackin, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Cena

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  2. Ryback

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  3. Triple Threat match

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  1. What do you think?

    About Vince's Decision
  2. ryback its more interesting and less predictable
  3. Triple-threat
  4. Voted triple-threat mainly because I think that's what's going to happen. A triple-threat makes sense due to the doubt about Cena's ability to work with the injury. If it looks like he won't be able to go at HIAC, then I think it will be Punk-Ryback. Knowing Cena and his amazing recuperative powers, I figure he'll be able to work at least a limited match, which would cause the necessity of a triple threat. I don't see it being one-on-one between Cena and Punk.

    As far as I'm concerned, there are three questions that have to be asked:

    1) Is it time to take the belt off Punk? Can he still call himself the "Best in the World" without it and make his points? (Yeah, I know, that's two questions...sue me)
    2) Has the Punk-Cena feud got enough steam to continue without the WWE Championship?
    3) Is Ryback capable of carrying the belt and is there somewhere for it to go with him as Champion without Cena or Punk being the number one contender (as their feud would continue)?

    If the answer to all three questions were yes, I would suggest that there should be a triple-threat and Ryback should win it. To me, the only one with a yes answer is number two. These two guys work so well together and bring out so much of the best in each other that their feud has grown beyond the title.

    But, taking the belt off of Punk is a bad idea. The whole point he has right now is that, as WWE Champion, he's the best in the world. If he loses that, he'll lose the heat he gets from fanboys/girls and they'll be back at square one with building his heat among the majority of the fans (no doubt he can do it as he's tremendous at playing a heel and he'd be playing against the uber-face of the company in Cena). The other issue is that I just don't think Ryback can carry the belt (and, in effect, the company) without Cena or Punk to work against. We'd be going from HIAC to Royal Rumble without someone credible for him to work against in the Rock. Besides, I think the fans are dying to see Punk against the Rock. And there's a natural feud beyond the belt for those two. I think there's a triple-threat and I think Punk retains, probably by being the guy to finally pin Ryback, which will just build his "best in the world" credentials further. Then, we'll get a feud blowoff match at Survivor Series between Punk and Cena, where Punk should end up going over clean.

  5. Punk isn't losing the title don't worry, lol.
  6. I think it'll be a Triple Threat with Punk winning dirty again.
  7. Ryback for me.

    Let's get this guy even more over. This thing is heated up so bad, that Cena isn't even a factor in it imo.
    Cena should take rest to be 100% again, and then see how it will roll for him.

    Get a fresh guy in there instead of the same old bull.. I'd like the idea of Punk vs Ryback at HIAC, actually.
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  8. I still think this entire mega-push for Ryback straight to the ME so quickly is not a good idea, but it hasn't backfired yet, so let's see where it ends up. He was really over last Monday though, that's good.
  9. I would love to see a title match with CM Punk vs. John Cena or CM Punk vs. Ryback. I want to see a triple threat match for now. I haven't seen one since SummerSlam.
  10. Fuck this Ryback push.

    Don't see how people here love him but hate on Sheamus, when they're pushing Ryback the same exact way.
  11. They all suck give Bryan a title shot :-)
  12. I went with Cena, and yes it's completely because despite WWE's dropping it, I still hold onto the notion that Hell In A Cell should only be used for the most intense/biggest feud of the year, and Punk/Cena is definitely for this (and last) year.

    Just Ryback would be terrible. As either it'll be a one-off match or the beginning match of a feud, neither of which should take place in Cell. While a triple threat wouldn't be as bad, I'd still prefer a one-on-one confrontation in the Cell between Punk & Cena, as opposed to last year's formula of adding in a third party (Alberto Del Rio).

    Finally, the decision to go with Cena would be even more beneficial to Ryback, if done right. Not just because it means Ryback would keep his streak just a little bit longer, but because it means that kayfabe wise CM Punk views Ryback as more of a threat than Cena. Sure they can keep Cena strong by saying Punk is choosing him over Ryback because Cena is coming off an injury but considering how they book Punk to react to Cena they can leave a different impression entirely.

    I do believe they're going with Cena at this point as well.
  13. Ryback is going to be exposed in the ring if that is a one on one match.

    I think Cena or a triple threat are the only legitimate choices.
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  14. Expecting to get some hate for this but I agree, I'm sure he can work but has anyone seen him complete a 20+ minute match yet and how would it be structured? He can't sell too much as it would ruin his mystique at this stage IMO (he's a tank basically, so laying around in the Cena style wouldn't work) and his moveset is very short currently, could he dominate the match whilst busting out some new moves? Possibly but that would IMO make Punk seem weak if he's just beaten down by someone who although dominant, has been in the company for months (as Ryback, not sure if he's been mentioned as Sheffield on screen) only and has faced nothing but low carders. Some insight into the match structure would be nice from any Ryback fans.
  15. Sheamus has been in multiple main events and held 3 world titles and a RR win, if they had been more subtle with him I'm sure he'd be creamed over the same way.
  16. I'd never actually thought of it that way, very good point. I think out of them all the Triple Threat is the best option. It will cover Ryback's inexperience/lack of moveset whilst Cena will not be overworked after taking a few weeks off due to injury.

    I wish they hadn't fucked up the Miz/Ryback story the way they did. If they had 2 or 3 long PPV matches before Ryback moved on then it would have been a lot more beneficial for both guys: Ryback would have had the chance to debut some new moves, gain long match experience and ultimately, would come out of it looking stronger, while Miz would come out of it looking strong as hell as he managed to compete with Ryback.

    TT for me.
  17. triple threat
    because john cena will be injured and cm punk will run away with the match
    but if ryback is there more interesting
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