CNation Big Boy

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by JohnCena, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. im a boss my nick namen is Jelly Penut :haha::gusta::annoyed::alone::yay::upset::laugh::boss::terry::obama::cornette::otunga::sad::upset::bury::kiss::lol1:
  2. Thanks for coming Cena
  3. Welcome on board! With the name take it ur a Cena mark? :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Yea he is hes my Friend known him for a long time finally got him to register
  5. Cena sucks. Lesnar will eat him.
  6. Awesome intro :laugh:

    Welcome :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. Cena is going to beat lesner they wouldent have edge say that for a loss
  8. Fair enough nothing against Cena just not his biggest fan.

    And good that you got someone to sign up the more the merrier.
  9. Is there a reason his IP is identical to yours?
  10. He referred him too :shock:

    Maybe he's his brother?
  11. The ring will implode with both Lesnar and Cena in it. Killing them both. And with that. Welcome playa :otunga:
  12. He said it's his friend.
  13. Apparently his brother already signed up and his wife.
  14. Which they did but Crayo said no Family on the same ip my friend is down the street And dont bring my wife into this she only signed up because i made her

    and his ip is not identical to mine because he did it at his house :facepalm:
  15. I clicked his IP list and both of you came up. So either you went on his computer too or?
  16. Welcome, I like your way of introducing yourself.
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