Cody being a Twitter boss

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jul 21, 2012.

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  1. Saw this on my Twitter. Cody posted it about 30 minutes ago.

    Tagging @[Link] since he might like this.
  2. Zelda Swag!
  3. I don't even understand it.
  4. The first part is to play up his bitter heel role, with the fans asking them to sign 93 different things so that they then can sell them on ebay (ala Punks shoot.) Cody is also a well known Zelda and comic book fan, he replays Legend of Zelda a Link to the past once every year and his first ring gear was inspired by X-men character Archangel, as is his bitching robe thing he had for a while in 2012. Cody loves when people asks him to sign nerdy stuff.
  5. Cody is a boss nuff said.
  6. Didn't know Cody Rhodes was into comics and all those things, Pretty cool if you ask me!
  7. They did a huge article on him on a couple of years back.
  8. he is not boss :stfu:
  9. Isn't Cody an action figure collector also?
  10. He is as much a nerd as you can possibly be. He also has a smoking hot girlfriend. He is living my dream life.
  11. I knew about all that :boss1: saw Cody Rhodes at the Zelda 25th Anniversary(actually I made a thread about it), saw his Zelda boots, and I saw him talking about comic books before :boss1: and Zelda swag is the only legit swag in the world.
  12. Like a boss :boss:
  13. Zelda Williams :gusta:
  14. Cody thinks hes a boss but hes not
  15. Freaking awesome. I remember when he was tagged in at Survivor Series 2009, and Striker said "Let the Triforce of Power lend it's strength to the blue-eyed bandit, Cody Rhodes" or something like that. :lol1:
  16. Zelda Swag = Swaggalicious :pipebomb:
  17. I changed my mind he is a boss :stfu:
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