Cody doing the backflip off the top of the steel cage

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. That was fucking sick!!!!! how the hell did he survive that bump and not get injured that was so dangerous. Cody just took himself to another level after that he seriously should be in the top spot
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  2. Vid or didnt happen
  3. 1) It's called a moonsault
    2) Plenty of people have done them before
    3) He survived and wasn't injured because he landed on Road Dogg.

    Pretty simple really.
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  4. It's pretty rare to see a moonsault from the top of the cage. I would guess under 1% of every cage match ever has had it.

    Looks like he basically missed Road Dawg to me. I have to side with BLFFL on this one (about it being awesome) Was bonkers.
  5. Kurt Angle private messaged me on twitter and said he wasn't impressed.
  6. Did Vince approve Cody to do this move? thats just career suicide
  7. He has been doing it at house shows Vs Cesaro and Swagger since December.
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  8. Chances are they don't need approval from Vince for that, the guy in charge of the match knows what's acceptable.
  9. Damn good moonsault. Fun to see it on TV as stuff like this doesn't happen often.
  10. Vince cant of approved that move its sick and not PG
  11. I was a little impressed to see him try it, but it wasn't clean at all IMO, so 4/10. Had he landed right on top of road dogg then I would have been more impressed. Not sure if thats more road doggs fault for not being in the right spot though.
  12. Why is there no gif of it in this thread?
  13. Not to defend Cody, but usually when a moonsault is completely botched, it's because of the person receiving it. not in the right spot and bad timing.
  14. Just for you cutie
    You'd think he would glance behind him for a second before jumping
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  15. Dawg takes that so bad
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  16. He BARELY takes it. Almost looks like he pushes Cody to the side. I am surprised he didn't really hurt himself.
  17. NAO -- great young talent for the future.
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  18. What makes me chuckle more is the way Road Dawg had been acting like he wanted nothing to do with the match. Maybe that was less kayfabe then I thought lol
  19. Something else I noticed Cody didnt even look to see if Road Dogg was in position he just did the move what if nobody was there Cody would of been hurt even more
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