NJPW Cody Hall joins Bullet Club

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  1. So yeah, at yesterday's New Year DAsh (NJPW's RAW after mania). Cody Hall was revealed as the prospect of the Bullet Club. Aka not a full time member but we all know where this is going.

    This stable is getting too big. Starting to go bad NWO instead of great NWO I fear.
  2. Geeze.. What is that like 10 members now?
  3. If we count Karen Jarrett, D'Amore and the Bullet Babe we're up in 14. Well over 16 if we count BC Latino
  4. I feel sick. And yeah BC need to stop now. Guys like Omega are fine. But JJ and Cody Hall? dear god no.
  5. I don't give a squirt of shit about the bullet club but cool to see Cody Hall doing big things in Japan.
  6. Will be interesting to see when he gets ring time. Since he is just a young boy right now.
  7. The potential seems unlimited. Considering: his physical attributes, natural presence, desire to do things the right way and improve, and the people he has around him to learn from...not to mention his Dad is best friends with the boss man. Future WWE Champ, 100%
  8. This will be the year Cody will finally ditch Razor's old gear for some gear of his own. That alone is monumental.
  9. Yea I've never really hated on him for walking in his dad's footsteps so much early on w/ the gear and wrestling style, because he is a damn kid lol. But eventually we knew he would have to move on from it and now is the time.
  10. Apparently every wrestler from the US will join Bullet Club if they come over to NJPW... kinda pointless adding EVERYONE into the group.

    Then again, I don't watch NJPW. I heard that WK9 was amazing so I'll maybe catch up soon but shouldn't they have more new great Japanese wrestlers in Bullet Club? I'm pretty sure Okada is still pretty young but he's already one of their best guys and is there anyone there who will be how Sanada is to Wrestle-1?
  11. I'd like to see SZKG taking him away from Bullet Club, just for the lulz. Send for Iizuka.

    And Cody should call himself Hijo del Razor Ramon instead.
  12. Sanada is supposed to be to W-1 what Okada is to New Japan, not the other way around. Only difference being that Sanada is a flop (but all of W-1 is)

    And the thing with Bullet Club is that it is a gaijin stable, not a stable for Japanese talent. Their a bunch of evil invaders. The only jap in the group is Yujiro and that is because he is the turncoat, betraying New Japan and Chaos to the evil BC.
  13. Oh, so Okada has already achieved his status of being NJPW's top young Japanese superstar while Muta is basing Sanada off Okada, hoping that he will become W-1's next big thing... I see. W-1's roster is mainly old guys and the odd young ones like Sanada; I agree with you there, and apparently Muta's champion already (I also think TNA flopped with Sanada as X-Division Champion).

    Oh, that sounds really cool. I really need to check out BC, although I think I'd have preferred Devitt back in the day as their leader.
  14. Okada is 27 years old and already a 3 time world champ (youngest ever) and a 2 time winner of the most prestigious tournament in all of wrestling.
    He's the blue print for a future top star that all the other big Japanese companies are trying to copy to various results (All Japan with Shiozaki/Miyahara, Dragon Gate with T-Hawk and W-1 with Sanada and Kai).
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  15. This is cool news, obviously. But can't help but LOL at Bullet Club becoming NWO 2.0

    Shit, son. Way too many members. There's no need to have as many guys as a football team.
  16. Omega, Styles and the originals (Anderson, Fale etc) are the only ones needed.
  17. Dunno why everyone is flipping out, it's not like he's gonna wrestle yet. Sure, Bullet Club is large, but that's because NJ has a lot of titles, everyone's got a role:

    Styles - heavyweight title
    Fale - IC title
    Karl & Doc - heavyweight tags
    The Bucks - Junior tags
    Omega - Junior singles
    Yujiro - NEVER title
    Tonga - resident jobber, eternal fallman
    Cody - prospect

    Seriously, it's as good as it gets.
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