Other Cody Hall - Say hello to the little bad guy?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, May 3, 2013.

  1. The big guy in this match is Cody Hall, Scott Hall's son. After watching this match I have to say I see some potential in him. He wrestles like his dad did in his youth and he has that Hall style swagger to him. He's also being groomed by his dad and now I'd guess also by DDP and Jake the Snake whenever he is around that house. He's apparently taller than his dad as well and has no reported drug problems (which when you are a Hall is always a plus).

    With some more work put into him I could see him in one of the two big companies in the future. I'd have him work the American independents and get some tours of Japan under his belt and then sign him to either TNA or WWE, or possibly even NJPW.

    Do you guys see anything in Cody Hall?
  2. He borrowed his dad's gear? Just skimmed through and this guy is the definition of milking his dad's name.
  3. Yeah he is using his dad's gear. Hopefully he develops an identity as he develops himself.
  4. A little more gym time and a few Japanese tours and we'll really see what he's capable of.
  5. Looks like just an intimation of his father to me. I wanna see him put on a gimmick or character that makes me think he'd be interesting. It still looks like he's got his ring work down (aside from copying everything about his father right down to the mannerisms) but as we all know, you can be absolute dog shit in the ring and still make it in the WWE.
  6. I have no problem with this at all. Second Generation star using his dad's power to get that little extra, his own style/gimmicks will come in time. If not? Bad guy 2.0 is fine with me.
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