News Cody Hall to New Japan Dojo?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. In other words if true: Cody is going to spend 1-2 years getting every bad habit and demon from his father beaten out of him by rough Asian men. Including his shitty "my dad was Razor Ramon" ring gear.

    Kudos for Cody and hoping for the best.
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  2. I think he if stops pulling of being Scott Hall's son he could actually be something for NJPW, much Like Davey Smith Jr.
  3. yeah, if he completes the training he will be a monster most likely.
  4. That would be fucking awesome, if i'm correct didn't Ricochet completely transform for the better during his time in Japan? It would be sick to see the outcome of Hall's time in Japan.
  5. New Japan's dojo is not notoriously tough/rough anymore, and in this day and age it's for better, mos def. For example Karl Anderson recently said how he had to do 5,000 squats every day in his first year, among many other brutal things. Tanahashi was saying recently how they need to unloose in the dojo because many young guys are choosing the easy-going DDT over New Japan. Not to mention you only pay dues for two-three years tops in DDT before the push unlike in New Japan where it takes 6-7 years to score a meaningful victory unless you have a solid shoot history, a la Nakamura in 2002/03.

    Also, Cody is a rather big fella so I doubt anyone's gonna be pushing him over-the-edge all the time.
  6. Rooting for him. Outside of his last name he does have size, mobility and a natural presence. I wish more guys would take this route these days
  7. Especially with how the market over there works. The japs really get into watching their homegrown guys fighting big westeners. Especially if they have the size and can play a monster well enough.

    Guys like Hansen, Dr. Death, the Funks, Machine Gun and Tensai made/make good money over there and wrestle a good schedule.
  8. Gaijin invading is one of the pillars of Japanese wrestling, going all the way to Bobby Bruns.
  9. Fantastic avatar!
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