News Cody Hall Turns Down WWE Offers

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Wilby, Jun 5, 2014.

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  1. It has been reported that WWE has offered Scott Hall's son Cody a developmental contract on more than one occasion. Cody has turned down those offers, stating that he wants to make a name for himself on the independent scene before trying to go to WWE.

    Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

    Kudos to Cody Hall not just diving straight in to WWE. Respect to the guy for wanting Indie recognition before WWE fame. Not sure if this is news but I thought it was interesting.
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  2. It makes sense... some of the biggest names today were big in the indies first... Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose for example.
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  3. Good on the lad.
  4. Hey yo, say hello to da bad guy
  5. Good for him. He's extremely young (only 21 or 22 years old, if I recall) and has all the time in the world to sign with WWE in the future.
  6. Wow, smart kid, Scott knows how to bring him along properly. Really wise decision. I also love that the WWE is ready to bring him in, and can't wait to see him on NXT in the future.
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  7. He's talked about going to Japan in interviews so it will be interesting to see if any of the bigger promotions there are willing to pick him up and if so where he will go/if he'll go right now or wait a year or two.

    Cody put through the New Japan training system would create an absolute monster I suspect.
  8. I'm sure the Bad Guy has enough ties in wrestling to get Cody's foot in the door with just about any org on the face of the planet.
  9. New Japan is a bit picky though. Every other fed would open their doors wide open. I'm sure he'd get a short tour with New Japan as a try out as least, then it comes down to him to impress the brass and the machine gun (who's responsible for bringing in foreigners alongside Tiger Hattori).
  10. I don't care how picky you are when a 22 year old kid with that size, look and pedigree comes knocking on YOUR door, you answer lol.
  11. As I said. They'd probably take him on a trial run, then it's up to Cody. Only Japan promotion I see that'd just say no is Dragon Gate, and that's because they just work a different style focused on smaller guys doing lucha flips. Cody would be comically too big.

    If Cody goes to Japan I hope it's New Japan. They'd make him a star if everything aligned proper.
  12. I had to find a pick of this kid, I never seen him. Found this one and thought it was cool so I thought I would share.

    Pic (open)
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  13. Hey yo chico, it's Survey Time
  14. He should grow out a mean mullet. That being said, his dad is sexier.
  15. Da bad guy
  16. Well, nice to see the guy wants to develop his craft around the world. Good for him.
  17. Look at all the media attention it has gotten dude.

    This is the right angle, they will be begging him by the time he turns 25.
  18. haha didnt see this.

    Hey Yo. The phrase of WWE's future. God I am going to mark my fucking dick off when he is managed by his father to start his wwe career.
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  19. Except that WWE will remember this humiliating rejection and job him out to fuck when he does join
  20. Smart move as he is young can work the circuit and come to WWE in his prime and a seasoned worker.
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