Cody Rhodes both IC and WHC?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. Let's have an official discussing thread about this. People had very contrasting views and I'd love to maturely debate it. I think it's perfectly fine to give him a 3-week reign as both IC and WHC then letting him drop it on SmackDown, have him distraught that he lost it. He says he wanted to bring prestige to it, doing this would do that right?

    It's pretty obvious he's going to get a WHC reign in 2012, if he doesn't then as JR said "he shouldn't be in the WWE" He's that good at the moment. His ring ability is solid, in many people's top 5 here for that if I remember rightly. His mic work went from mediocre to one of the best recently.

  2. If they gave the IC title some priority I wouldn't mind it. He's got the talent to work the dual champion role for sure however I can see it just being a prop, which would destroy what little prestige it has.
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  3. NO HE WILL NOT! But could win the World Title in the furture at sometime?
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  4. I'm a big Cody fan so I'm just going to say this.

  5. To be honest even if was used as a prop I don't think it'd devalue it, unless he openly buried it or something. All they'd need to do is have him really not want to lose it and have him act distraught when he does.
  6. The last thing WWE would want to do is put the WHC/IC on a prima donna who will embarrass the company

    Cody is not that guy. He's low risk, the business is in his blood and he won't embarrass the company

    I liked the Warrior, but that relationship went downhill soon after he won the WWF championship

    Cody isn't a franchise guy, but he won't explode and make you regret having him out there
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  7. He's in a weird position right now... Coming off an impressive rumble, and a feuds with Orton and Booker T that skyrocketed him, doing impressive things and cutting awesome promos week after week, the guy feels like he's on the verge of the main-event.

    He should win the WHC and vacate the IC. They won't put the IC title on Orton or Sheamus, don't want him in a feud with Big Show, and he's way past Gabriel, Hunico, Mahal, and Dibiase and shouldn't do a job to any of them.
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  8. ... it sounds like you're saying he's ready to go to RAW.... and you might be right
  9. Raw needs Rhodes, as long as the Raw writing staff doesn't screw it up... He's been given plenty of opportunities to get over on SD, and he's stolen the show. On Raw, where you have to battle Cena, Punk, Jericho, Triple H, and Johnny Ace for mic time every week and someone in pretty much the same position (Dolph Ziggler) rarely gets any, will his push come to a screeching halt because they don't have room on the show to spotlight him?
  10. Jericho won't be around long and there's been talk of switching Punk to SD

    HHH is part time and I doubt Ziggler and Rhodes would work the same show

    If nothing else, I expect Barrett to show up on RAW again to make room for Sheamus and Rhodes to get bigger spotlights
  11. Why didn't I even think of that? Move Riley & Swagger to SD, Riley is epic on the mic and on a taped SD he wouldn't fuck up.

    Rhodes can then feud with Alberto Del Rio (as a face) or even Rey Mysterio. Bam, IC title is relevant again. That easy.
  12. But you know how backstage politics work... Yeah, Riley's failed that test completely. Even though the guy could be a star in five minutes.
  13. I agree. His mic work is grossly underrated. I think of him as the "Miz which has the look."
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