Cody Rhodes/ CM Punk fued?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, May 24, 2012.

  1. Source: EWrestlingNews

    I don't believe most things that dirtsheets post, but oh well, would be cool :yes:
  2. If that's true, then that would pretty much confirm that he's gonna lose the belt. Talk about a step down.

  4. By George he's got it! :cena:
  5. :yes:

    It wouldn't be a step down if it's just a one on one top of the card feud. He can't remain champion forever.
  6. That's a dream come true.
  7. DUMB JUST DUMB! I got nothing against Copy but CM Punk need to feud BIG NAME when defend the WWE Champion like Brock or The Rock at SummerSlam for the WWE Champion! WHEN WILL WWE GET DUMB SKALL THAT HE NEED VS. THAT ABOVE HIM! SO HE CAN THEM AND GET MORE OVER TO BE THE NUMBER 1 GUY!

  8. /\ ummn what?
  9. I'd love to see this feud. Bryan could take the title off Punk at NWO and this feud could begin. Great matches for sure.
  10. CM Punk not losing the title!
  11. I hope Punk loses the title on No Way Out and goes on to feud with Cody Rhodes. Maybe Rhodes might interfere at NWO.
  12. That'd be awesome. Since Punk can't lose clean anymore a Rhodes interference would be perfect.
  13. Because the IWC don't like Kane as much as they like the young stars like Bryan, Punk, Cody, Evan Bourne, DiBiase. Most people on this forum probably want Kane to retire. So a smiley would be a bleak reminder of his presence in the WWE.
  14. If cm chump loses.... Randy will have to go on suicide watch...


  15. If CM Punk lost I'd have to go on suicide watch! Cody Rhodes..please! What an insult.
  16. What's wrong with Cody? :downer:
  17. With both of them having sarcastic smartass characters, the microphone exchanges between these two should be the best that WWE has to offer right now.

    And the matches... please! Sign me up!
  18. I hope we get this, and not Punk retaining and starting a feud with Tensai over the title. :annoyed:
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