Cody Rhodes injury update

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. So no Cody at Survivor Series it seems.

  2. Wonder who'll replace him?
  3. Sources say Tensai is the most likeliest but I can not guarantee it.
  4. Ugh.. Tensai. If True such a disappointment. I'm sure there is plenty of heels they could use.
  5. I spooked around on PWmania and the three likeliest choices are Tensai, Swagger and Fandango
  6. Ah okay thanks.
  7. Well, recovering from such an ugly fall is the first priority ofc, curious to see who'll replace him. It'll probably be Tensai :silva:
  8. Can you who dislike Tensai really blame them for using him though? He's probably the best big guy they have currently since Henry is on the shelf. He has tons of experience and knows how to work a match. His Giant Bernard run was boss. He's reliable as well
  9. I hope Cody Rhodes can make it to Survivor Series.
  10. I'm not doubting his in ring ability or how reliable he is. I mean you're replacing a young athletic wrestler with a large slightly slow one. I would much prefer someone closer to Cody's characteristics in the match.
  11. I'd rather Michael McGillicutty but he's not over enough :downer:
  12. I have just seen the footage of the injury and my god that landing was sick poor Cody I hope he recovers and isnt out for to long
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