Cody Rhodes names 10 celebrities who should wear a mask

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  1. Cody Rhodes names 10 celebrities who should wear a mask


    As his recent run-ins with both Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio have demonstrated, Cody Rhodes may be developing an unhealthy "obsession" with masks once again. And even though he might be focused on taking off Sin Cara’s and Rey’s masks, the grandson of a plumber has now zoned in on celebrities who he thinks should put a mask on.

    Sit back and enjoy as Rhodes takes aim at Hollywood, and rattles off a controversial list of the rich and famous he thinks should start donning facial garb, for a variety of reasons.

    This list isn't necessarily one that anyone would want to be on, and you won’t believe who Cody’s going after ...

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  2. Cody why the fuck would you bring up that bitch Courtney Love :finger: her that fucking skank. everyone else was funny, but dont give her spotlight please.

    And DAMN at him saying the Red Sox :haha:
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